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Problems with Chrome Browser

Hello, for a couple of months or so i have been noticing some strange occasional problems with my CHROME Browser.

Problem A:
I normally have many tabs open on 1 window. Around 15 tabs or so... Sometimes, when i close the whole Chrome window my computer CRASHES and i get the BLUE Screen... something about a driver i think....

Problem B:
 I get a "CANNOT CONNECT TO ...." message window when i try to go to some websites, for example TWITTER or Outlook.com, etc... See my Attachments:
Twitter BLOCKED  Outlook.com BLOCKED
Problem C:
 I can not LOGIN into Grooveshark.com. The strange thing is that i do log in using FIREFOX... there is nothing wrong with my user name or password. See attachment: Grooveshar Problem Signing In
Could it be that i have some sort of malware or virus? Could it be fixed only by uninstalling and installing Chrome?  I have not tried uninstalling it because if i have some sort of Malware or Virus, i first want to know if that happened to me, so i can know if my computer or information is or was compromised....

I have tried the reccomendations on the Error Message (on the Twitter and Outlook attachments) and i have waited, i have reloaded, i have changed networks.. I normally use my home network via ethernet. I have tried also Wifi, and connecting to other neighbor network via wifi, and doesnt sovel the problem.

My PC Specs:

Windows XP Pro Sp2 (i know, i know...)
Dell Laptop, XPS M1710
Nvidia Geforce Go 7900 GS, with 2 Monitors, and nvidia driver.
4GB Ram
Processor: Core 2 T7400

Thanks for your help.
4 Solutions
Scott ThomsonCommented:
Hey champ its a setting in google chrome

Check this page about 1/4 the way down :)


sorry.. here is the link this time haha
Because it happens with multiple tabs it sounds like it might be memory related. You can enter about:memory?verbose in the address bar.  When I do that on Firefox, 1 tab uses about 61MB.  15 tabs uses about 93MB, which is not too bad.  But that is an old version of Firefox and I've read that newer version are much worse on memory.  Also, it depends on what is running in the tabs.  These are just Google home page which are very light.  Also depends on what else you have loaded.  

So what I'm trying to say is maybe you could upgrade your RAM and/or use the system monitor to see what you utilization is.

That might help with the grooveshark issue too, it's hard to say.
Scott ThomsonCommented:
instead of an upgrade, i would first suggest either a memory scan with dell memory test at bios or if you don't have a dell you can download something like memtester  and burn the image to a cd and boot from cd.

This will scan your memory and find any issues with the memory for you. there are other apps but i have used memtester before
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
If you are having troubles with HTTPS sites, the Root Certificates that are used to validate them may be too far out of date.  Chrome uses the system Root Certificates (same as IE would use) while Firefox downloads and uses it's own copies.

You are pretty far out of date with XP SP2.  That alone could account for some of your problems.  You can get Service Pack 3 here:  http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24  It will install as an update (although a big one) and should not cause any problems with your current software... except maybe make some them start working right.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Well it seems that as Dave Baldwin mentioned, most probably is because i use SP2. I also found this information confirming it with the same error i was getting:

I have to say that i can not install SP3 right now, but i will try it in a few weeks. In the meantime i will close this question and assign the points accordingly to what i have researched and what has been provided here.

Dave, thanks for the SP3 link. And thankyou all for your interest and suggestions.
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