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Our current SharePoint environment is setup with 2 WFE's that are load balanced using a Netscaler 1 app server an a cluster SQL backed. I have bring trying to clean up our environment an improve it. I have been reading up on Output caching and noticed this was not enabled. Since I am not a SharePoint guru I want to get everyone opinion on Output caching.

Our SharePoint does not host, RSS or and video content and is sole using to host Office documents.

Would enabling Output caching help with performance? Are there any draw backs to using Output caching with a Netscaler. Please note, out SharePoint site is using SSL and out Netscaler is setup NOT to offload ssl and the connect is secured from the servers to the netscaler
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QPRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The things to be aware of are increased memory usage for each page in cache and if using 2 WFEs you may get some differences in results. If user A sees a cached page on WFE1 and user B sees a non-cached version on WFE2

Have a look here for pros/cons
compdigit44Author Commented:
Thank you for your great response. I guess since I am not a sharepoint expert I am really looking for a decision if I should do this or not.  Like I mention before we most use SharePoint to host office documents...

I am try to do whatever I can to increase the perforamce of our site and fix a number of issues which where highlight in our Microsoft SharePoint Risk Assessment.

On a side note, should I create a PTR record for my sharepoint site name??

What would you do?
That depends what performance you getting, what your specs are and how you've built SharePoint - not easy to say caching would solve problems without looking at the base stats themselves.
compdigit44Author Commented:
2 WFE's
-Windows 2008 R2 VMware VM
-2 vCPU's
-8GB ram
-120GB hard drive

1 app server
-16gb ram
-150GB hard drive

SQL 2012 CLuster DB

WFE's are behind a Citrix Netscaler
compdigit44Author Commented:
Also all of my SharePoint VIP DNS addresses only have DNS A records. Should I create a PTR record as well. I wonder if this would help at all
And when does performance suffer? What activity/load?
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