windows 2012 64 bit

What flavour does windows 2012 come in, is it windows 2012 standard and datacentre only?

Is windows 2012 a 64 bit only operating system?  what does that mean?

does that mean I have to have over 4 gig of ram to install it?
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Windows Server 2012 has 4 main flavors - Datacenter, Standard, Essentials, and Foundation.  All are 64-bit only.  64-bit means it can address more than the 4 GB memory, better support Hard drives exceeding 2 TB, and plus it takes advantage of the 64-bit processor capabilities.

It is not required to have more than 4 GB memory to install it.  I currently have it running on 2 GB memory myself which is the minimum.
Ikky786Author Commented:
can I run it in vSphere?
Certainly.  When creating the Virtual machine, give it alteast 2 GB RAM, 60 GB hard drive space, and two processor cores.  Depending on what the server roles will be, you might need to increase these.

After installing the operating system, just install the VMware tools afterwards and you should be set.
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Just to verify, you can see the compatibility guide for Server 2012.  Select your VMware Product Name from the dropdown to see what all is supported.
Additionally to what has been mentioned above, as it is a 64bit only OS, you will need a 64bit CPU. It won't install or run on old 32bit only CPU's.

But for you this doesn't really matter, as you want to run it as a VM within VMware ESXi, which is also a 64bit only OS. So if your Server can run ESXi, it will also run windows 2012.

In my point of view you should really have more than 2GB RAM, It'll perform better.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Here are a few charts that may help

Edition              Intent                                            Major feature      Licensing      Clients      List price

Datacenter      Highly virtualized environments      Unlimited virtual instance rights      Processor x 2      Per CAL      $4,809 per 2 procs

Standard      Little virtualization, low density      Two virtual instances      Processor x 2      Per CAL      $882
per 2 procs

Essentials      Small business      Simple administration, no virtualization rights      Per Server      25 accounts      $425

Foundation      Entry level, economy server      General purpose server, no virtualization rights      Per Server      15 accounts      OEM only

It's important to note that, for the Standard and Datacenter editions, the pricing is based on per two processors, not per processor. Since most servers today are dual processor servers, this licensing strategy makes sense. However, if you do decide to buy single processor servers, understand that you can't split licenses between servers. You will need to buy two of the dual processor licenses.
On the flip side, if you have an eight processor server, you will need to buy four of the dual processor licenses to cover all eight processors.
You might note that there are no major feature columns listed as there were in older versions of Windows Server. For example, in the past, if you wanted failover clustering, you needed to go with either the Enterprise or Data Center editions of Windows Server. With Windows Server, the only difference between

Standard and Datacenter revolves around virtualization rights. Otherwise, both editions have the same exact feature sets and include:
•      Windows Server Failover Clustering
•      BranchCache Hosted Cache Server
•      Active Directory Federated Services
•      Additional Active Directory Certificate Services capabilities
•      Distributed File Services (support for more than 1 DFS root)
•      DFS-R Cross-File Replication

Upgrade license trade in
If you're a Software Assurance subscriber, and you're planning to upgrade your licenses to Windows Server 2012, you have a number of items to take into consideration. Further, if you're concerned that you're now running an edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 or below that no longer has a corresponding edition in Windows Server 2012, don't worry. Microsoft has made the following entitlements available in Windows Server 2012.

Old edition      2012 Edition      Information and License Disposition      SA req'd?

Datacenter      Datacenter      Convert every two 2008 R2 DC licenses into one dual processor 2012 license.      Yes

Enterprise      Standard      Replaced by Standard with all former Enterprise features now included in Standard.  You can convert each existing 2008 R2 Enterprise license into two 2012 Standard licenses.      Yes

Standard      Standard      Convert each 2008 R2 Standard license into one 2012 Standard licenses      Yes

Web (no SA)      See notes      No direct replacement, but web workloads running on any Windows Server 2012 edition receive a "CAL waiver."      No

Web (SA)      Standard      Those with SA are entitled to receive a Standard Edition replacement and can still run the existing workloads on the 2008 Web server.      Yes

HPC editions      Standard      No direct replacement, but Microsoft will be making freely available the HPC Pack 2012 that works with Standard or Datacenter, HPC workloads also receive a "CAL waiver."  Existing HPC edition users will also receive a Windows Server 2012 Standard license.      Yes

SBS Server 2011 Essentials      Essentials      SBS Server has been fully discontinued.  You will receive one Windows Server 2012 Essentials license.      Yes

SBS 2011 Standard  Standard + Exchange      SBS has been fully discontinued.  You will receive one Windows Server 2012 Standard edition license and one Exchange Server Standard 2010 license.      Yes

Windows SBS Server 2011 Premium Add-on      Standard + SQL Server      Small

Business Server has been fully discontinued. You will receive one Windows Server 2012

Standard edition license and one SQL Server 2012 Standard edition license      Yes
Schuyler DorseyCommented:
VSphere can run Windows Server 2012. You just want to have your VMWare environment at minimum of 5.0 with all of the 5.0 updates. 5.1 and 5.5 vanilla can run it fine as well.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
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