POS dos program in windows 7 pro

Another odd one.  I just upgraded four computers from XP to 7 home.  Another computer didn't have the specs for 7 so we replaced it.  The replacement computer has 7 pro instead of 7 home because I couldn't find a computer with 32bit 7 home.  It had to be 32 bit because of the Point of Sale program that will run on the computers.

The computers with the home version the POS program works great.  With the computer that has 7 pro the program only mostly works.  When creating a ticket on the POS program everything goes smooth unless the transaction is a cash transaction.

In the program you enter the customer information and then enter what they purchased.  Tab down and you get a choice of paid in full yes/no and then method of payment.  When the method of payment is anything but cash everything works and you have the option to print the invoice.  When cash is selected the program freezes for about five minutes then just prints an invoice without giving the option.  

Same POS program and same settings on all computers and doesn't matter if printer is on or off.  
The only other difference is the 7 pro computer I had to put a parallel port in the machine to connect the printer and the others the parallel port is attached to the motherboard.  The printer works though outside the POS program and also prints everything in the POS just takes to long to print cash invoices.

Anybody have any ideas what might be different in pro compared to home edition that could be causing this problem.  I know it has probably been a long time since anybody had to play with DOS programs but right now having them update the program isn't an option so I'm kind of stuck scratching my head.

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kargen27Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Finally convinced the person to let one of the other computers be the front computer and thought I had it done with.  That computer is printing the cash receipts.  Today though they tried doing sales tax reports and other things and same thing.  Would freeze and not print.
I decided to try dosprint and that seems to have worked.  It is a little slow on some of the reports (takes 23 seconds to start printing) but at least it is working with everything now.  
Thanks for all the ideas.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
About the only thing I can think of is that the added parallel port is not an exact counterpart or match to the parallel port on the motherboards of the other computers.

You can get Windows XP Mode for free from Microsoft for Windows 7 Pro (I don't think 64-bit or 32-bit matters).  Download and install XP Mode and install your POS program in XP Mode. Does it work any more reliably in XP Mode than in native mode?

having them update the program isn't an option  I do not really understand this. DOS is dead, XP is dead, Parallel ports are dead. Windows 8 is replacing Windows 7. My USB to Parallel cable does not work in Windows 8.1, so the printer had to go.  The world is moving on and you do have to change. "Not an option" is becoming congruent with "Going out of business"
kargen27Author Commented:
The odd part is the printer will print the receipts for credit.  The program just freezes for about five minutes when trying to use cash as payment option.  I think it freezes before it goes to the print option.
They are eventually switching to I think Quickbooks, but one person is typing in all the customer information and inventory.  They are a farm/ranch supply store so have a big inventory.  Once that is done they will switch, but that is probably months off.  It took Microsoft ending support to get them off of XP.
The really sad thing is the computer in question is by far the fastest and the owner wants it up front as the counter computer and that computer is used for the POS program only.  The other computers are mapped to use the same POS program and are also used for other things.  I can't convince the owner that putting one of the other computers out front isn't going to slow the POS program down any at all.  All the other computers work great so if one of them was up front problem solved.  Only the counter computer prints receipts.  If I don't come up with an obvious answer I will just have to tell them the switch has got to be made until they get Quickbooks going.

On an aside I have three other businesses still using DOS programs simply because they do everything the business wants and are simple to use.  One still transfers data with floppies.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The fast computer probably is too fast for the 3rd party added parallel port.

Did you try the XP Mode idea?
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