format Cells color In Excell Sheet

i have excell sheet , i set background color is white , front is black , no borders
sometimes , while working in the sheet , i found the data suddenly back & front white color  in temp time
then it be back to appear as black front
any idea about how to solve this issue ?
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Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi Niceman331
I think XGIS was speaking of themes, but here is an easier solution:
If you want to use Excel's default format of clear background and black font, simply remove all of the formatting that has been put on this spreadsheet.

Select all of the cells ( may need to do this twice to select the entire worksheet)
On the Home tab, find the clear button.
Click to clear formats

Let me know if that does the trick
Hello NiceMan331..
Maybe it is best to let excel format for you.
Even using a colour scheme for a table can lead to issues if you have to copy or move cells, and the alternating cells are then misaligned.

If you have set a default background to white and you enter a new cell maybe it is simply ignoring your custom settings that relate to OTHER cells.

Since the background is white by default it may be best to NOT use a white fill.
Alternatively consider using the schemes, assuming your excel is 2007 or greater.

This may save time instead of altering the look and feel when you are actively editing.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
hello xgis

Alternatively consider using the schemes
yes i have excell 2007 , could you please explain how to use this scheme ?
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NiceMan331Author Commented:
i just found now that the problem is not execlusive to white colour
when i changed the foreground to any other clour , it displayed white from clour also
Hello NiceMan331  Please check this Microsoft step by step tutorial to resolve this issue.

If you still have issues have issues select all cells by clicking the start or origin cell 0,0 above A and left of 1 to change the FONT colour of all to Auto or Black and Fill Cells to Automatic.

Failing that you can copy all the values onto a new sheet and paste them as "values" Assuming you have no formulas or other sheet based dependencies. This should remove any formatting issues.  

Maybe try and use the styles to make cells standout temporarily or permanently.

Hope this helps...
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
This is normal !
When a cell is being edited the colours reverse
NiceMan331Author Commented:
i'm so sorry for all
i just waiting for the case to happen again with me
but i surprised it not repeated again
till now all fields are ok , without any changes i did

any how , is it fare to close the question and accept all answer dividing the points equally ?
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