Windows XP - 0x0000007B (oxBA4C3524,....

Good Day Experts!

I am haivng much trouble with a Windows XP machine.  Even in SafeMode I get the blue screen with 0x0000007B in it.  I have tried many of the suggestions I have found so far on the net but I am not getting a good result.

Last Known Good Configuration

I see something about Change BIOS setting to IDE instead of AHCI...but I do not know how to do that.  

Can you help with suggestions?

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Scott ThomsonCommented:
I'm with Sstory about the time vs fix issue.
It's faster the build an image and then deploy it compared to the actual resolution time to possible solve the issue.

That being said I would also suggest that if it is happening in safe mode also then the issue is most likely hardware/software based and most likely a primary device (one that loads some driver to use within windows safe mode)

Some suggestions would be
- Remove the ram - clean it and then try 1 stick at a time to put it back in seeing if anything changes.
- remove all hard drives bar one and add them 1 at a time each
- if you can get into windows remove the graphics drivers

These are most likely your causes for the bluescreen.
Also remove any extra USB devices or ANYTHJING that is plugged in besides keyboard and mouse. and even do a boot test with 1 of them taken out each time.

Basically rip your machine half apart.
Add the ram with nothing plugged in
Add the keyboard and try again
add the mouse and try again

and boot adding 1 thing each time until you can identify an issue
First let me say, it would be wise to get off of XP ASAP since support has ended. That being said:

I suppose you have read this from Microsoft Support:

There are many possibilities. You could have a boot sector virus, lost the boot sector, have a controller conflicting with another controller. Is this SATA, IDE, SCSI?  From the above IDE comment I assume IDE. Are there SCSI controllers present.  AHCI does cause issues with some older systems.  How to do that in your BIOS depends on who made the bios. Read the screen on boot. it will say, press "something" to enter BIOS/setup or something like that. Then press that button as soon as you see it. Warning, if you don't know how to get into BIOS there is a good chance you can really hose yourself once in there so be careful what you do and consult the manufacturer's manual on your particular BIOS.  If nothing else works, you could boot to recover console and try fixmbr to fix the master boot record. You could also attempt to do a reinstall of XP and let it repair install and that might work. I'd backup all data first. In the end you may be better off reformatting and reinstalling or better switching to 7, which you can still buy from places like Tigerdirect.  I'd  never recommend 8 as I think it atrocious--a sick joke on all of us.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
I'd start with a hdd check. Get UBCD and use the manufacturer's diagnostic utility for your disk.

If that comes out OK, post back and we'll go to the next possible culprit.

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Obviously you can do as mentioned check the hard drive, run MalwareBytes, SuperAnitSpyware, Spybot, etc to look for malware. The question I have is how long it will take to redo the machine versus all of this. Only you can decide at which point you should just punt and reinstall.  You can boot to the machine from various live distributions like UBCD, Sardu, Knoppix and various Linux distros as well. These can help you get your data, see problems, etc.  If it is a controller error and you just installed a new SCSI, pull it out. If there is any hardware added on recently, remove it and see if that helps. If not I'd consider the fixMBR from the system recovery console and maybe fixboot. Backup anything you care about before monkeying with all of these things.
what pc is this?  model plse !
or mobo model - then we can help better with the bios settings
Jimbo99999Author Commented:
Thanks for all the information.  We ended up having to swap out the computer.

Have a good Easter everyone,
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