CMS (and JKS and pkcs)

What is CMS

... and how does it relate to pkcs and jks

Anthony LuciaAsked:
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becraigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CMS is primarily used for message signing as you indicated above that is the overall encapsulation of  CMS  - Cryptographic Message Syntax

As for JKS - This is a Proprietary Java key tool allowing you the option to create keypairs using the keytool functionality that comes with the Java Developers Kit.

Pkcs is a industry standard for different cryptography uses:
e.g. pkcs12 defines the format for the private key container / pfx files you would export a bundled private/public key pair to
pkcs 7 defines the standards for CMS or secure message syntax.

A lot more info at:|
Anthony LuciaAuthor Commented:
ok, its used for MIME encrypted email

Could someone give me a little more info ?

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