Public facing server on SonicWall without using NAT

As part of the VPN/RRAS/Azure project I'm working on, I need to configure our RRAS VPN to be dual-homed with one public facing NIC and one private facing NIC.  The catch is that Azure virtual networks (from everything I've been told and read) does not allow the use of NAT.  I know that I can simply run a line from our ISP router to the RRAS VPN server's public facing NIC but, obviously, that isn't the best for security purposes.  I feel like utilizing the DMZ is the best course of action but am having problems grasping the steps to do this WITHOUT using NAT.

I have a SonicWall TZ 210 and Lync is already utilizing the DMZ for that.  Unfortunately, I configure this so rarely that any knowledge I grab dissipates over time - something I need to try to find a way to rectify.

Any advice?

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fcumminsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We ended up using SonicWall's VPN to create the Azure VLAN.  It's not officially supported by Microsoft but DOES meet the requirements.

Please close this question.
If NAT is an issue set up a Proxy and use the DMZ as its more secure. Create MIPs on your firewalls to help.
fcumminsAuthor Commented:
Choosing my own answer for the solution because we ended up going in a different direction.  If necessary, delete the question entirely.
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