Remote Desktop with SBS 2011.

Hi, I have completed our migration from sbs2003 to sbs2011. Thanks to the help from experts.

My next question we can access our remote portal and view shared folders, outlook web and have PC's listed to RDP with however nothing happens when selecting a PC to connect with. From looking online it seems that SBS2011 wont allow RDP connections even though it comes with the facility. Am I correct in saying this or is there further configuration required, My Client machines are windowd 8.1Pro.

I have a disk for Server exxentials 2012 and I believe the OEM Cals for SBS 2011 will allow me to install a second server.

If infact SBS2011 wont allow RDP connections to client machines out with our LAN can I either use Server 2012 essentials as a RDP server using downgrade rights or SBS2011 downgraded to Server 2008 R2 as a RDP server?.

If its possible where to I begin. I have a second server box which I can use.

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Gary ColtharpConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Close port 3389, it is not necessary and a rather serious "hole" in to your network. You can open port 987 for the sharepoint functionality but that is unrelated to connecting to client machines.

If this is a new installation, you will need to run all available updates as a patch is required.

Past that, the issue I have encountered with client machines that can't remote web is with the IE version on the remote PC. Configure your site as a compatibility mode site and try again.

Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SBS certainly has the remote desktop functionality to connect to client machines through the web portal. If that isn't working then something else is wrong/broken and troubleshooting steps should be taken.

As far as your other options, you cannot run essentials and SBS on the same network. Each has licensing restrictions that prevent them from coexisting.

Similarly, neither SBS 2011 nor Essentials has NY type of downgrade rights to allow running a different edition of their respective OSes (so no "downgrading" to standard, enterprise, or datacenter) and thus you cannot get around the exclusivity limitations of SBS or essentials that way,
dlogan83Author Commented:
Thanks, at least I know I have the functionality.
Id there a guide to configuring RWP and RDP for sbs?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
There is nothing special to configure it. Install SBS, run the post setup wizards, and RWW "just works." There are no separate steps. Setup is integrated with the SBS internet wizards.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure the users are members of the remote desktop groups and have passwords. On the Clients enable Remote Desktop, and make sure the firewall allows Remote for Desktop to get through.
dlogan83Author Commented:
Hi I seem to get so far with the connection. Self Cert installed on each PC. RDP enabled on each pc and I have added the username to this. 443 and 3389 are also open.

I seem to be able to connect so far but the Gateway wont accept a username and password, I dont know if id isnt seeing the AD users. I get a connection access policy denied (TS_CAP) message when using the window rdp app on Ipad.
Newer Versions of Remote Desktop default to higher security levels for their connections. On Windows 8 when you are at the place where you enable remote desktop, the default is set to "Network Level Authentication". Not all RDC clients support that. You may have to un-check that option. There may also be similar settings you can enable/disable on the server.

A further possibility is to check whether there are updated clients available for your PC's/Gadgets you want to connect from.
dlogan83Author Commented:
thanks guys, i has to change a few security options. I will test closing port 3389.
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