Setting up PBR on HP core switch

I am working with an HP 8212zl switch and trying to do PBR (Policy Based Routing).  So I have an access list called utmredirect.  I went to add the following statements...

route-map UTM_ROUTE permit 10
match ip address utmredirect
set ip next-hop

But this fails.  I'm guessing "route-map" is for Cisco and HP uses another command?  I think maybe I need to create the PBR by using a command like...
policy pbr UTM_ROUTE

But I'm hoping someone will know the commands so I don't have to experiment.  Please no links!  I need someone who knows the correct commands.

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bpl5000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I contacted HP and I guess on this model switch, PBR will not do what we want it to do.  They did mention that their 3com line had more capabilities with PBR.  I know on Cisco switches you can do this easily.
bpl5000Author Commented:
Ok, creating the policy using...

policy pbr UTM_ROUTE

Does work, but "match ip address utmredirect" doesn't work.  I think "action ip next-hop" will work for the next hop, but not sure how to apply it to the access-list (which is called utmredirect).
bpl5000Author Commented:
This is an HP 8212zl (8200 series).  The link you posted is for 7900E, 7500E, 5800 and 4800, which I believe are 3com switches (HP purchased 3com).  Unfortunately it doesn't work on the 8200 series.
bpl5000Author Commented:
No one posted a solution so I am selecting mine as the answer.
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