Connect Galaxy Ace 2 to a PC via USB

Hi Experts,

I am trying to connect my Galaxy Ace 2 (Jellybean) to a PC via the supplied USB cable.

I am following the instruction given on for a Win 7 and an XP machine but it is not working.

The problem I am having is the computer does not see the phone as a new USB device when I plug the USB cable in. The phone powers up when I connect it to the PC but the PC does not see it and so does not run the driver wizard. This happens on my Win 7 and my XP machine. Once the cable is connected and the phone powers up automatically I swipe the screen to unlock the phone but the PC still will not detect the new connection. On both my machines.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Sorry DColin, I have no other ideas.

Your best bet would be to to ask a question on a Samsung forum.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
You need the Samsung Kies software installed on your PC to ensure that have the correct USB driver.

This is a particularly unreliable piece of software and I had to coax it into installing the USB driver by turning on USB debugging on my Galaxy.
Settings > Applications >Development > USB debugging

Keis is necessary for the USB driver, for everything else I use MobileGo
Or use this free program (Custom install to avoid added junk/advert software)
DColinAuthor Commented:

I have installed Kies and placed the phone into USB Debugging mode but the computer will still not see the phone. The Kies software just says 'Please connect a device' and the USB debugging option just re-installs the software. My computers just will not see the phone even as a new piece of hardware when it is plugged into a USB port.

My old Samsung (pre android) phone works fine when I plug it into a USB port. The computers see it as a hardrive and allow me to manage the files as if they were on a hard drive or USB stick.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
When you try ....
Settings > Wireless & Network > USB Settings
Which option is selected?

I have 3 options
> Samsung Kies
> Media Player
> Mass storage (I usually leave this selected)
DColinAuthor Commented:

I have Mass storage selected.

There is a button that says 'Connect storage to PC' when I press this button it says connect USB cable to use mass storage. I connect and disconnect the USB cable but the phone does not detect the PC. I get the bleep and the phone starts to charge from the power supplied by the USB connection but no data connection.
Try a different USB cable.  That sounds like it could be a bad cable, or a 'power-only' cable.

USB mass storage mode should require NO CUSTOM DRIVERS.

For adb support, you should be able to tell it to force-install the generic google adb.inf, even though it doesn't match your hardware.  (I do this frequently to avoid having to customize my inf file every time I have brand new hardware...)
was trying to help, didn't get any response.  did you try different cables at all?

if there is ANY data connection, at worst something should show up in device manager with a ! as no proper driver found.  force-installing the google adb usb driver would then work.

if there is no data connection, nothing in device manager, but you're getting a trickle charger, that really sounds like a bad cable, power-only cable, or your device is having usb port issues.
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