Search Folder not getting all emails OUTLOOK 2010 - EXCHANGE 2010 -

I've noticed that one of my search folders in not finding everything it should.

I do not use Local CACHE.
The failure also occurs with OWA.

I have an email from ""

I have a search folder that is created to find "abcxyz" in  "frequently-used text fields"

The search folder does NOT contain the original email from  ""
I DOES CONTAIN my response to Carlos where his address is now part of the body of the email (since the reply has his address block).

?question: What is the list of "frequently-used text fields" when searching mail?
?question: If search doesn't do partial matches, how did it find  "abcxyz" in the body of the reply?

thanks for any insight.
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regmigrantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
does it still find it if there are multiple addresses in 'to'' field?
@omgang, you may be correct, I find it bizarre that it would be done  that way but the more I look at outlook vba the less comprehensIble their design decisions become
omgangConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
I've done some quick testing and am seeing the same results as you.  In my search folder though, I did click Advanced and specified a criteria of
From Field      Contains
This does work.

It is apparent, then, that the Frequently Used Text fields does not include the address fields.  I did some quick searching on the web and haven't found a specific answer to exactly which fields are included in Frequently Used Text fields.

OM Gang
regmigrantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IF you go to advanced find and drop down the field list you can reveal a list of what's considered 'frequently used text fields' and the From Address is included. I would guess that the default is "Equal to" but under advanced you can specify 'contains'
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omgangConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
I'm thinking the Frequently-used Fields in the Advanced tab is different from frequently-used text  fields from the Messages tab.  The dialogue indicates to search for the specified word(s) IN frequently-used text fields.  Using the Advanced tab, as we both mentioned, will allow the search to include the address fields.

OM Gang

Advanced Find dialogue
philkryderAuthor Commented:
well this is very confusing.
I just created an save as draft an email with To address as:

I then created a search folder with criteria of "" in frequently used fields and it worked just fine and found the one email.
philkryderAuthor Commented:
none of these were the issue.
there are two address field types - one is the display and one is the actual address. It was looking in the display not the address. I added something that let me get at the other field, but, I can't remember how now.
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