How can I prevent Windows 8 pro users from downloading/installing apps?

They have been giving me headache for a while, installing programs that slow/crash the computers, or letting our teen interns play on the computers.
How can I prevent them installing any programs? If I just take their admin rights away, will that work?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> App locker requires 2008 R2 dfl..
No, it doesn't. Though applocker is not available to Servers 2000, 2003, 2008, it can be managed by those if we configure them with RSAT from win7 pro or higher.
Problem is: the clients would need to run 7/8 enterprise... ;-)
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If the devices are not in a domain, then you can change them from administrator to users in their user settings. If you need further restrictions, you can go into the computer's Security settings and explicitly stop it by disabling those features for non-administrators.
CubbybulinAuthor Commented:
They are in a domain.
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CubbybulinAuthor Commented:
its a windows 2000 domain so i am not exactly sure how to do that, i was hoping there are some settings in windows 8 that i could do
Stuart LuptonConnect With a Mentor Datacentre & Server EngineerCommented:
Using App Locker applied by Group Policy you can lock down all applications and allow only ones that you approve. Alternatively you can blacklist those apps that have been causing you problems by using a file extension rule (easy to get round by renaming the extension) or a hash rule which I have personally used before

There are loads of resource articles out there on the web but this should get you started -

Oh and if you do decide to implement this make sure you edit the policies from default as I recollect it blocking all apps by default
Stuart LuptonDatacentre & Server EngineerCommented:
App locker requires 2008 R2 dfl..
CubbybulinAuthor Commented:
that would need to be installed on the server?

what if i just change their account type to regular user on the computer? would that prevent them from installing anything?
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