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Consecutive Years

Hi there,

I have a report to create that identifies the consecutive years that a donor has contributed.

All of the gift information is in one table and so far I have come up with:
Essentially if the gift date is the same year as today and another gift is in the year prior to this, then it should return the value of two.  (I have to code up to 25 years for this report!)

if year({CnGf_1.CnGf_1_Date}) = year (today)
and year ({CnGf_1.CnGf_1_Date}) = year (today)-1
then 2

else if year({CnGf_1.CnGf_1_Date}) = year (today)
then 1

Do you have any ideas how to proceed?

Thank you in advance,
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1 Solution
You only have 1 record to work with.  I assume there is a record for each contribution with the appropriate date.

Can there be multiple contributions in a year?

Try this idea
Create aformula
Name - YearofContribution
Year ({CnGf_1.CnGf_1_Date})

Put it in the detail section of the report.
Right click it
Set the summary type to COUNT DISTINCT
Set it to insert into the DONOR group footer
Click OK

You can then take the formula off the report

Run it

If, as you said, you're actually looking for _consecutive_ years, that won't work.  It will just give you a count of the years.

 Assuming that you're looking for consecutive years ...

 You mentioned 25 years.  In that 25 year span, are you only looking at people that donated this year, or anyone that donated at any point in the last 25 years?  For example, could you be looking at someone that donated every year, from 2001 - 2005, but not since then?

 If you are including all donations in the last 25 years, what if someone donated in more than one group of years, like 2001 - 2005, and then from 2007 - 2010, but not since then?

rporter45Author Commented:
Hi there,

The key requirement is that the donor must have given in the current year.

From there, to qualify as 25 consecutive, there must be a gift in each year from 2014 to 1989

To qualify as 24 consecutive years, there must be a gift in 2014 to 1988, all the way to 2 consecutive years, with a gift in 2014 and 2012.

All other possible combinations between do not matter for this as they will not be consecutive.

I was thinking of doing a formula for each year, if there is a gift then 1 else 0.  From there, a formula that would essentially say if formula for 1989, 1988, 1987, etc. then 25 consecutive years.  I started this but am not sure how to put it into a formula to subtract 1 year from the current date.

I hope this helps!

thanks - CS
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Are you only looking to get this information or does the report have other information to show?
I ask because to do this you probably need to sort the data by donation date descending which might cause issues with other information

See the attached report.

rporter45Author Commented:
Hi there,

I have to group by the ID number only so this may work! I will review and get asap,

Thanks very much!
To use my solution you need a group on the person, ID or Name and a group by the donation year sorted descending.

Without those groups my solution won't work.

rporter45Author Commented:
Hi there,

I had to make some changes to the report situation but that was to be expected! All is working - thanks very much!

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