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Access to Sql Server migration advice


I need to place my Access data away from the server so that users in other locations can access it. Sql Server seems to be the recommended way to go. In this technological changing world is there a simpler method of accessing date remotely. I have looked at Sql Server 2008 and so far all I have been able to do is up size the data the rest is a bit confusing. Anyt help appreciated.

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You can use SQL Server for allowing remote access. You could either provide authorization to access data from server or abstract it and provide access through application.
Read the following articles on remote configuration for SQL Server.

chesteraAuthor Commented:

Hi Sam

I have booked mark web site I will read and digest. So my question Sql server is still the way to go. I have been told there are sites that you can subscribe to and place the data for every body to access. This is completely new territory for me.

Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)PresidentCommented:

 To move Access data to SQL Server, you'll want to download and use the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA).

 The move to using SQL Server for the back end is relatively painless, but that's only the start.

 Typically, most Access applications  are not written in a way that is conducive to running in a true client/server setup over the internet.  For example, one often simply binds a table to a form and off you go.

 In a client server app, you allow users to search for data and then fetch data as needed.

 You can however get it to work fairly well.   Check out "The Best of Both Worlds: Access-SQL Server Optimization"  here:

 For some tips and tricks on doing that.   Beyond that, you may need to move to the use of pass-through queries, stored procedures, and triggers to get adequate performance for remote users.

 However if the need for remote users is rather small, then two other options exist:

1. - This is a subscription service, but it allows you to use your database "as is" and present it in a web browser.

2. Use terminal services - Have your remote users login to a TS Server.   In this situation, only KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) runs over the wire.  The app itself runs local.

  Again, no mods really for your app, and performance is good even on low bandwidth connections.

chesteraAuthor Commented:
Jim Horn

Hi Jim Thanks for the advice. I will re enter the question

chesteraAuthor Commented:

Taking Jims advice and re entering the question.

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