VPN Clients

I'm using Cisco VPN Client, I can't find a download for AnyConnect??

Anyway, I want to have a VPN client that will "redial" automatically if the connection is lost.

Any suggestions on what I can use?

I can't get Shrew to work.
Computer GuyAsked:
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RafaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree, hence why I initially suggested Cisco Any Connect as stated above. However, I would disagree on using Open VPN.  VPN and other clients alike may seem difficult at first, but will work if configured properly.

Here is a link How To from Cisco Press detailing the steps to install, and configure Open VPN to work with a Cisco Device.
RafaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the Link to download Any Connect from Cisco

You can always use Open VPN Client as well.
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Computer GuyAuthor Commented:
How can I get the certificates for Open VPN? I have a VPN through my host that has group authentication.

Suggesting OpenVPN for Cisco is nonsense. It uses SSL, but underneath that it's a proprietary protocol, and a Cisco device will not understand.
Shrew won't work either, because it uses IPsec like the "old" Cisco VPN client.
I didn't mean to say that OpenVPN itself is nonsense - to present it as replacement for AnyConnect is. I use OpenVPN myself (with non-Cisco), and maybe would do so with Cisco routers,
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