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i am using the shortcode [recent-posts] on a page and its working perfectly.  However, instead of all posts appearing, I want only posts from a certain category to appear.  How do I code this?
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eemitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this in your theme's functions.php:
add_filter( 'widget_posts_args', 'yourchildthemeslug_extend_recent_posts_query' );
function yourchildthemeslug_extend_recent_posts_query( $args ) {
	$args['category__in'] = array('2'); //change '2' to your category ID
	//use this to show posts from more categories
	//$args['category__in'] = array('2', '3'); //change '2' and '3' to your category IDs

	return $args;

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Change 'yourchildthemeslug' to your child theme's slug.
If your child theme's slug contains hyphens, replace them with underscores (You can not use a hyphen in a PHP function name).
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Is this a wordpress.com site or a .org site?

If .org, which plugin are you using to get the shortcode?
livewirewebsolutionsAuthor Commented:
its a wordpess site using the twenty twelve theme
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Haven't answered my questions.

Is this self hosted or hosted through wordpress.com? Twenty Twelve exists on both.

If self hosted, which plugins are installed?
livewirewebsolutionsAuthor Commented:
self hosted.  wordpress shortcodes plugin is installed but i don't think its the reason why [recent-posts] works.  Doesn't that shortcode come with Wordpress?
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Doesn't that shortcode come with Wordpress?

Nope :)

Self-hosted WordPress doesn't come with any shortcodes out of the box...they are added in by coding, themes, and plugins.  Wordpress.com is a different story. Which shortcode plugin is this...there are two or three people who make one?
livewirewebsolutionsAuthor Commented:
this is the link to the plugin: http://synved.com/wordpress-shortcodes/
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