This is involved but I will do my best to explain the problem. My system consists of a desktop workstation hooked up to a Linksys WRT610n router. I have the wireless disabled in the router because the router is in a basement. I have a Ubiquity PICO STATION on a ground level floor hooked up via Ethernet to the router. The Picostation is very powerful and performs much better than the router did. Everything has and is working fine. Until,,,I purchased some  Foscam brand ip cameras. Model FI9821W version 2. These cameras are supposed to be capable of  being viewed locally, or from any computer anywhere by typing in the correct address and p/w AND also with any smartphone / Android. Foscam techs are having great difficulty making this work. The question written by the Foscam tech is as follows: "Contact Air os and tell them that you want to access the camera remotel;y...You have done the port forwarding in
the lnksys router ..Since the linksys router is showing a connection with Air Os ( you have to
login to the Air os inorder to do the port forwarding...

Assuming you are familiar with this Pico Station I was told many times that the "AIR OS" portion MUST be disabled for the unit to act as a wifi access point. However the Foscam tech insists, perhaps correctly, that the air os MUST be accessed to change a setting even though it is not active... It does not make sense to me. Note: when the air os logon screen is presented the default password and username do not work.  I verified them both on several sites, so I don't know why I cannot get in.

I realize that this question is a BEAR of a problem. I hope there is an Expert out there that is willing to take this on. I wish I could add more than 500 points for such a difficult question or give a tip. I can only offer 10,000 KUDOS.
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Craig BeckCommented:
The AirOS he is referring to is the actual GUI of the PicoStation.  It's confusing because there is AirOS and AirMax, etc, but he just means you need to log in to the PicoStation to change a setting.

I see what you mean though; the PicoStation isn't doing any NAT so you don't need to port-forward there.

Have the Foscams got the right default gateway configured?
Need-a-ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Hi. Well, I am up against a brick wall. After 2 hours of phone calls to Foscam and help from Dell Pro support I just removed the entire Ubiquiti unit. I turned on the wifi in my Linksys WRT610n and then tried the install. It DID work, but once every 5 minutes I got "your video card has recovered from a serious error". The last time that happened I had to do a complete reinstall. After updating my driver for my dual semi-high end video cards and then removing them from operating status and letting windows find them and re-install them I STILL got the error! I then gave up. I will try to install them on the same network, but a computer that has the sole task of reporting lightning strikes. If that does not work, then I will give them away to whoever. I will have had enough "fun". Thanks for your advice and confirmation that it IS difficult to understand.
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