I am seeking a product that I do not know if it exists or not. At present I am using a Linksys WRT610N. It does have wifi, but no external antenna jack. I also use a 1,000mw Ubiquiti Pico Station wireless wifi access point. I want to find a router that has high power, such as the 1,000mw FCC maximum AND an external antenna jack. My main computer is below ground level and if I used it's wifi the signal is substantially attenuated.

Hopefully one of you Experts knows of such a product. If that fails I think I will take the Linksys modem apart and install an antenna jack in place of  the internal antenna.
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Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
There are some routers with detachable antennas. TP-LINK for ex, has detachable antennas on most of their routers (see here for an AC version:

Antenna Type:
Three 5GHz 5dBi detachable antennas (RP-SMA)
Three 2.4GHz internal antennas

Need-a-ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your recommendation. I might have solved the problem a different way. I find that there are many antenna kits available that install without much difficulty and sport up to 6 antennas. I think that will work just fine. Time will tell. Thanks!!
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