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    I'm new in exchange, and I have a exchange 2010 running on esx 5.1, all roles running on the one exchange 2010 server, I have some performance issue on the exchange server, from the monitoring tool I see it used around 80% utilization on the exchange server, just wonder is below design will help to speed up the exchange performance:

Install one more exchange 2010 with CAS and all the roles except the mailbox server role, the existing exchange will have the mailbox server role, just wonder when outsider sent mail to us, first the mail to go to the exchange has CAS and all the roles, and then it will forwards to the mailbox server role exchange ?  Is this concept correct ? And how do I set that up ?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
The CAS role cannot route email, you would also have to include the hub transport role.
However I don't do installations with the roles separated. If you are deploying a DAG, there is no requirement to have a separate CAS role holder - the FSW can be on a member server with the correct permissions.

piaakitAuthor Commented:
How do I sent up send and receive connector in both exchange servers ?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You would have to install the hub transport role on to the server if you want it to receive email and process it. Exchange will then deal with the message delivery itself. The Send Connector would need to be adjusted for the correct server listed, but receive connectors do not have to be changed other than enabling anonymous on the default.

However it is no longer considered best practise to spin out the roles - all servers with all roles. I haven't done a design where the roles are separate for over two years. If you are going to purchase another Exchange licence you would be better off building a second all role server and creating a DAG. On a separate piece of hardware.

High CPU utilisation on an Exchange server is unusual, therefore you should be looking to see what is using it. Most often it is down to third party software, for example AV software scanning something it shouldn't be.

piaakitAuthor Commented:
If creating a DAG, there will be 3 servers in total ? 2 mailbox servers and 1 CAS role server (Hub transport, client access)  is this the roles need to be installed ? And all incoming mails will go through the CAS server first ? Then will forward it to the two mailbox server ? When user sending mail out, is the CAS who deliver all the mails out ? For incoming mails how the CAS will know how to route back to the mailbox server ? For the mailbox server sent and receive connector how do I configure ?
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