Watchguard low end router firewall issues - I don't know what I am doing. Can we set up remote session?

I inherited a network with 2 watchguard boxes - 1 at main office(xtm21?) , 1 at remote site (X10e).  There's a VPN between them.  Things were good for a while, but now I am backing up 3 PCs using shadow protect continuous incrementals from the remote office to the home office.  Not sure if that's the issue, but the remote office WIRED devices get DHCP from the local watchguard.  But can't ping the router, can't get on the web, can't do anything.  Wireless devices (via a Ubiquiti Picostation) can get DHCP from the watchguard, and get on the web, ping the watchguard, etc..  The wired and wireless access point are all going through an unmanaged netgear switch into 1 port on the watchguard.

is there some setting in watchguard that says that mac address of that device used too much data and will only get an IP address?

Is there a place in watchguard UI to show that someone was cut off for using too much data?

Can I hire people through EE to help with this or for points, can we set up a remote session for you to see the UI / tell me / show me what needs to be done?

I will likely reboot this firewall and restore the wired devices.... but the problem will likely return when they start trying to send bvackup data.

and again, the problem isn't just with the vpn, it's with general web access from the wired devices (which are being backed up... so is it a wired issue or a too much data issue).  wired and wireless are all going into the same single port on the watchguard, so it's not 1 port is locked / 1 is unlocked...

Watchguard support sucks as far as I am concerned! faster / better answers from other users!
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I may not be much help as I only occationaly use Watchguards, but a couple of comments

>>"Is there a place in Watchguard UI to show that someone was cut off for using too much data?
No but Watchguardds have licensing limits. I believe 10, 25, and unlimited.  If it is licensed for 10 devices, the 11th will connect, can use LAN resources, but cannot access the Internet.  Might you be exceeding the limit?  Rebooting the device will reset the counter which would allow you to try specific PC's.  Having said that I believe they can use the VPN

>>" it takes 5 - 10 seconds for each page to load"
That is normal.  Speed is not usually an issue on which only make occasional configuration changes

>>"I have it pinging the router and and failing ping -t.  is that enough to get it blocked!?"
It could be, or are you sure you don't have an infected machine?
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
ok, just mindlessly looking at the watchguard interface (is it me or the unit or poor design - it takes 5 - 10 seconds for each page to load).

On blocked site page, it lists, 1 of the wired machines saying it was blocked because of ip scan attack and will be released in the next 20 min.  I have it pinging the router and and failing ping -t.  is that enough to get it blocked!?

how to remove it from blocked site page and keep local machines from getting on there?
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
under firewall, there's 'blocked sites'  I added the subnets and to the blocked sites exception page. is that all?

I accidentaly put them on the blocked site page and locked my self out.  went in from the web to fix that.  I cause my own problems!
skullnobrainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IP scan detection and similar stuff are configured from setup > "default packet handling"

i have no idea about the tresholds, but pinging several machines in 10 seconds might be enough to trigger the IP scan attack
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