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when I play rhapsody and I do I have the most recent version using my Samsung galaxy note 3 smart phone in my Lexus es 350, the only thing that shows is the track name and artists name but not album name.it says no data. grace note data bases up to date. also the  att Samsung software is up to date. the same problem happens with tune in radio pro  as well. I spoke with Lexus dealer and Samsung and rhapsody no body seems  know any thing. can some one one tell me if there is a way solve this problem.by the way Pandora works like a charm everything shows up on the screen artist album and track!!

Thanks guys
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAsked:
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Basim, since the Mark Levinson displays the album/ track name/ artist using Google Music, Pandora but not Rhapsody? from your Galaxy note
Is this Google Play? your using?
Google Play keeps your music library updated automatically across all devices. so why not  Rhapsody?
Are you using Rhapsody offline? and with Google Play?
Hello music, goodbye sync

The audio files must have id3 data on the other two and it's down to Rhapsody and how it's storing this meta data.
The CD I have covered and that is down to what type of disc format your burnt.

At this stage if you cant resolve the id3 tag using Rhapsody tracks
Step-by-step instructions for doing everything with Rhapsody's Android app.
simply re-save the files under MP3Tag
Most players that I have seen never include the album name only artist track name
If you want that kind of data you'd need to use a tag tool like Media Monkey.
Or use a different player like Rocket Music Player. It includes a few more features.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Would I be able to play Rhapsody app with it . I pay $12.00 a month for Rhapsody. Pandora works perfect. That does not make sense!
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No sorry you cant use it together.
In hindsight since your paying for Rhapsody try the guide on how you can sort your tracks into Albums or playlists.

I am old school basemkhawaja64 and like to stay away from the mobile phones windows phones apps/iTunes and just use my FM mp3 player plugged into my cigarette lighter, tune my Samsung car stereo into the MP3 player via the FM radio station.
I bought 14 gig flash stick and transfer my tracks to that plug that into my FM mp3 player.
I get a small scrolling menu on both my Samsung stereo car system and the FM player it only shows the Title and artist as well.
They come in a variety of types,  it acts as a speaker for your iPhone so if you play an app, the music from the app will also be streamed through your car speakers.

Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter USB PenDrive And SD/MMC >  IMAGES if your interested.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
is there any other solution to have the album title show up on Rhapsody?
Just so I am clear, your using this in your car? > Samsung galaxy note 3 smart phone in my Lexus es 350,<< where did you want see the album in the Lexus stereo?
What is the brand name please as it may have the function to connect to GraceNotes
The FM MP3 player has a scrolling screen in my Toyota Sportivo stereo player.
It still only lists the Artist and track number and name.
The thing is there are propriety codecs audio formats if you like that automatically connect to Gracenotes.
WMA formats automatically do.
CDA on Audio Disc as well.. When you convert the Audio CDA format it should also give you the Album Art using iTunes.
MP3 don't.
I use Winamp to add that type of meta data to my mp3.
How do I submit (upload) CDs to Gracenote using Winamp?
It also includes the cars that suppoort Gracenotes.

I don't have my tracks sorted into specific folders with an album name either.
Most of these new toys, mobile phones windows phones can use Album Art covers
Try that, here's a how to
How to Attach Artwork to MP3 Music Tracks
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
The album information should appear in the navigation screen , Mark Levinson is the premium sound system that I have . I will take an picture and att ach it with my next reply. Merete you are an awesome person. Thank you my friend for helping me    Basem
It's a pleasure to help where I can Basem thankyou.
Could you tell me what format the audio is?
WMA or mp3? or mp4?

I had a read of the PDF manual for the impressive Mark Levinson  
and believe it won't help us since your tracks are not on CD but rather from your Samsung Galaxy Note downloaded off Rhapsody.
And it is here that we need to add that meta data Albums.
Rhapsody does show how to sort etc but not how to add this as meta data
Step-by-step instructions for using Rhapsody 6 PC beta software

As I said I use Winamp, you could give that a try.
Winamp closed it's doors last year as I got an email
I have no idea why but I downloaded the latest version from them, now we have to go elsewhere for the last version>here
I love the how it's skinable.
Open Winamp and r/click anywhere on the top and tick to show playlist editor.
Drop a few tracks on to winamp rightclick a track and go to more info then fill in the data track number/name/artist/album/year, add the id3 data then test it in Mark Levinson stereo.
I believe once Album name is added to the id3 tag it should show up in the stereo,
make a copy of one mp3 for testing.
Rightclick this mp3 and then properties>Details check out the data here first then drop them onto Winamp Playlist editor
Like this Basem.

In the first tab is the basic info fill it out here
Winamp interface playlist editor
Winamp interface playlisy editorBasic info tab
Winamp basic info  metadatathen check the id3 tag
Winamp id3 tag has all those details
Winamp id3 tagNow when I r/click this mp3  properties>Details I see my newly added metadata
properties details- of mp3I can also recommend mp3 tag

If you were able to record them into the Mark Levison that could work. Maybe it could add the meta data id3 tag.

Regards Merete
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
As promised I am attaching 4 pictures  to show you an example of each scenario. Rhapsody seems to be the problem and CD.
Thank you so much, seeing it is awesome well done..
So you are not using your Samsung galaxy note 3 smart phone? rather CD's?
The CD shows only track number? No CD Text?
Google Music is on CD<< did you burn that from Google Music?
Pandora is on CD?<< burnt from Pandora
Rhapsody is also on CD?
Could be an unsupported type, your Car stereo doesn't support it?

Did you make the problem CD yourself? outside of any propriety programs?
Are they all one artist off one album?
In my opinion the CD tracks have been burnt incorrectly.
Wrong disc type?
I've seen this happen when a true audio CD ( CDA format)  was ripped/converted to mp3 and the meta data was not included.
To illustrate if I rip one of my audio CD using Cdex to mp3 it offers to configure the name include Album, Artist, track number, and Track Name
%1, artist name
 %2, Album name
 %3, track #
 %4, track name (song title)
 %5, CD volume ID
 %6, CDDB ID
 %7, track # leading 0
 %8, total # of tracks
 %Y, album year
 %G, genre
 \, can be used to specify folder directories
Cdex filenames configuration
Another example is the CDA files are copied off the disc as is they are then pretty useless can only play on audio CD.

What program did you use to burn the audio files on that CD. any of the CD"S
Where did you get the files and what format were they.
This is the key,
DRM audio files will not burn to CD unless they made eg in Itunes and Itunes is used to burn the discs.
As I mentioned CDA is the default format for Audio CD and Gracenotes provides the info meta data.
Is it an mp3 CD or an Audio CD?
An MP3 CD is just a data CD and will burn the mp3 as is and should play in any supporting CD/DVD player displaying the tags included in the mp3

To fix this go back to the original audio files on your HDD wherever they are stored, if in Itunes burn an audio CD in Itunes.

Why your car can't read your CD tracks
burned CD doesn't have track names

Take your time and digest it ;)
Back to you
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Pandora and Rhapsody are streamed with my galaxy note 3.Google from my my music in cloud.

Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Merete is smart
Thank you!  Basem.
All the Best to you :)
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