what are the steps for repairing Internet Explorer 11?

Posted on 2014-04-17
Last Modified: 2014-04-21
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

             I am interested in the necessary steps for repairing Internet Explorer 11.  Any feedback given to this question will be appreciated.

              Thank you

Question by:GMartin
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Assisted Solution

tailoreddigital earned 100 total points
ID: 40008239
You could do a reset,

This will set it back to default/first run settings.
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Assisted Solution

by:Imtiaz Hasham
Imtiaz Hasham earned 50 total points
ID: 40008241
There you go...

But what seems to be the problem?  Maybe w can help.

Author Comment

ID: 40008248

             My friend is having the following error message whenever he attempts to load a page within IE.   The proxy server isn't responding.  The suggestions he gets to correct the problem is as follows:  1.  Check proxy settings , 2. Make sure firewall isn't blocking web., 3.  Check LAN settings, and 4. Ask a system administrator for help.  Interestingly, all other computers with the wireless connections are working just fine.   He also remembers receiving a message indicating the computer is correctly configured but the DNS server is not responding.  The problem is with the main computer with the hard wired or ethernet connection to the Comcast receiver.  He said that he noticed the problem after running Malwarebytes.  

                At this point, I am not sure if this is a connection issue or a browser issue.  I am thinking if I carry out a repair or reset of IE or perhaps download and install an altnerative browser, that would be a good start because if I can get him to load a page using either one of these two methods, then, the cause would be stemming from IE being corrupted or misconfigured.  

                 In closing, thanks so much for getting back with me so quickly.  And, thank you for your interest and willingness to help troubleshoot this problem.  
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Assisted Solution

snakevenom95 earned 50 total points
ID: 40008263
A good plan would be to get a different web browser. Internet Explorer is not known to work well when it comes to browsing the web. Some good browsers include:
Google Chrome
and Firefox

In some cases downloading and installing one of these will solve most issues internet explorer users face.

Accepted Solution

Patrick Tallarico earned 250 total points
ID: 40008271
to check the proxy server config you can:
Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN settings.
There should be an "automatic ..." box. Unless you are specifically using some sort of proxy.

I was going to make a joke about using another browser, but these days it is advisable to have another browser on your machine, if only for emergency/troubleshooting purposes.  In my experience it has been a long while since IE could be considered secure and reliable.

If you need to roll back IE to a previous version, this can be done via the Programs and Features.  This is a nice tutorial:

But even rolling back IE may not be the solution as it may be an IE setting that will still be inherited.

Check out this article.  It lists both the error you are seeing, and a the steps to disable the proxy settings in IE.

Assisted Solution

anass_f earned 50 total points
ID: 40008623
Here is a link to a good software which fix the majority of IE problems:

Direct download link:

Is it mandatory to set the proxy server?! Because in normal cases there should be no proxy server set. Go to "Internet Options" then "Connections" then "Network Settings" then uncheck "Use a proxy server ..." (I'm not sure of the exact labels because I'm using a french Windows)

Regarding the DNS server, you may set both of them to Google's public DNS servers:

If you don't know how to set them in the network card properties then just ask.

Author Comment

ID: 40009899
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

              Thanks so much for the enlightening and thought-provoking feedback given to my question.  I have found all suggestions given to be easy to follow because of the step by step approach given to the troubleshooting strategies.  There are a couple of things though I wish to followup on at this time out of both, academic and troubleshooting interest.  First, what exactly is a proxy server?  It seems like back in the Windows 95 and Windows 98 era I was using a proxy software, like Wingate, on many of our client computers on the network at our business.  As I understood it, the proxy software allowed each computer to obtain IP and DNS information needed to get onto the LAN and the internet.  However, I am merely speculating on this part so any correction or add on to this conclusion will be appreciated.  And, secondly, are the steps for configuring the Primary and Secondary DNS information accomplished within Device Manager by right-clicking on each network adapter and going to Properties?  With respect to Google's public DNS server addresses such as and, what exactly do these numbers represent?  In lamen terms, do DNS addresses act like telephone numbers with the DNS server being like the switch board operator?  

            Any further feedback given to these followup questions will be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you


Expert Comment

by:Patrick Tallarico
ID: 40009917
A proxy server is a device that is commonly used to act as a buffer,a protection or a gatekeeper in regards to the internet. Though its use isn't a prevalent these days a it once was, it is still a technology/practice that is still used.  If your other computers don't have any problems, you can check their configuration, and manually set the same settings for your trouble machine. I would guess that you probably aren't using a proxy server.
Your analogy of Dns and a switchboard operator is relatively accurate. Though it is more of a phone book rather than an operator. Dns merely translates a public IP address to a domain name Once your computer gets the information from Dns, it can send and receive the information through the tcpip address.
LVL 12

Expert Comment

by:Imtiaz Hasham
ID: 40010061
Just to add to stpmt11's comments about the proxy server - it's a device that also traverses your data over a network - however obsolete, some people use it in low bandwidth areas to traverse all web traffic via itself as it is a great protection tool and can reduce your overall bandwidth requirements.

It also allows people to spoof their location when travelling - one of the less obvious reasons why people still use it - and in case you wonder why not VPN - it's the overhead of the VPN connection which is avoidable on the proxy server :)

Due to better routing devices, the proxy server did become obsolete.

Author Comment

ID: 40014040
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            I have some very good news to share tonight.  My friend told me earlier today that he was able to resolve the error message of proxy server not responding by disabling it within Internet Explorer.  The steps outlined within the link of posted by stpmt11 was exactly what was needed.  

            Before closing, I want to sincerely thank everyone else too for their suggestions, resourceful links and followup explanation of technical terms.  I feel like I gathered a great deal of insight from each reply posted as an added bonus to this successful troubleshooting session.  

            Thanks again for a great job done here : - )  I did notice and certainly appreciate the time, research and energy devoted to my question.  


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