Interesting Exchange 2010 situation - setting up external forwards for sub domain

Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help me get this settled.

I have a domain, call it, it is a SBS 2011 server with Exchange 2010.  That has been working fine and we have very little problem with it.

We had to add to the Exchange server as a sub domain.

We have several requirements that need to be met, see below.

1.      All emails for this domain need to land in the main in box for  No problem here.  We added a sub domain, setup the MX record, then added SMTP records for each address that needed an address in  Not very many (6).

2.      Each user needed to be able to send as the address.  We used a 3rd party product to achieve that.  Now that is working fine.  

3.      We have a general account - that needs to be forwarded to some external addresses and sent to some internal addresses as well, see examples below.  

4.      We have a user that has an internal address and a address.  He gets email for both and can select from a drop down on the from line, but can I make the default?  He will use that address mostly for sending email.  Currently the default is
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
To forward the address to internal and external people, create a group, give it the preferred email address. Add the mailboxes to it.
For the external addresses, create Contacts in EMC for each address. Then add the address to the group.

For the user you want to change the default address, simply find the user in EMC, look at the email addresses tab. Untick the box at the bottom. You can then choose the address that is the default.

mcioffi209Author Commented:
I will be working on this in the next couple days. I will post back how it goes.

mcioffi209Author Commented:
Sorry for the long delay.  Lots of stuff going on.

I have tried the forwarding using the group method and it is not working.

Steps so far:
     Created a Group called      saleswidgets-uk
     added an email address
     made the the reply to address (it is now bold)
     In the members added an internal user,
     sent an email to and checked to see if it arrived - NO

What did I miss?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
By default new groups do NOT allow external senders to use them. You have to disable the option that all senders are authenticated.

mcioffi209Author Commented:

That did the trick.  I did miss that change.
mcioffi209Author Commented:
Need to keep in mind both parts of the solution.  But this took care of the need and I have everything running the way they needed it.
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