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Replace or append items in coldfusioin string

I have a form with some checkboxes. When the form is submitted, the items are saved as a string and separated by commas. So if the checkboxes for "bob", "larry" and "greg" were selected the form value is: bob,larry,greg

I need to take each of those values and add "@mycomp.com" and separate them with semi colons (except the last one). So, they would be: bob@mycomp.com; larry@mycomp.com; greg@mycomp.com

I'd also like to create a list with the values after they are set with the @mycomp.com.

Could someone assist?

Thank you.
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Something like ...

<!--- change delimiter from "," to "@mycomp.com;" --->
<cfset newList = arrayToList(listToArray(FORM.theFieldName), "@mycomp.com;")>
<cfif listLen(newList, ";")>
     <!--- append "@mycomp.com" to last element --->
     <cfset newList = newList &"@mycomp.com">
earwig75Author Commented:
You're the best.
Thanks. Glad I could help :)
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