Canon T2i "Movie Recording Has Been Stopped Automatically"

I have a Canon T2i with a 64Gb Patriot SDxc Class 10 card in it.

When I want to record video I get the error mentioned in the title after only a few seconds of recording.
However it doesn't happen all the time. One out of maybe five tries, I am able to video without error.

I've read threads that mention formatting the card to solve the problem, or instructing me to not delete files on the card from the camera, but those did not solve my problem.

Any ideas?
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Seems that the SDxc card is not keeping up with the cameras write speed... try another SDxc card & report back.
It probably has what is called "weak contacts" on the SDxc card ( or mabey in the the camera)

Try cleaning the SDxc contacts with a dry cotton ear cleaner ( cotton-bud / tip )

Cleaning them may work or gently inserting and removing the SDxc many times may get it to become always recognized...
Otherwise back-up your data & replace the SDxc flash it will always have "weak contacts" and not be reliable.

You will need to try another SDxc card before suspecting fault of the camera or the SDxc card and seeking a warranty claim.

Hope ths helps.
JonathongAuthor Commented:
Hey Michael,
I will try as you suggested, but if that were the problem would I also have problems taking pictures?
I didn't mention it, but I can take endless pictures without any error.
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It must be in the video mode settings. What aspect ratio is set to what recording resolution? quality?
Set the mode dial to full auto
All the necessary camera settings will be set automatically.
Set the Lens focus mode switch to <AF>
These cameras are very smart and if something is off it will save itself and shut off
I'd read the manual very carefully as the recording and snapping photos uses many different aspects.
For example, as quoted by the Cannon
Improved Movie mode.
Another area where the Canon EOS Rebel T2i has inherited significant upgrades from the 7D is in its high definition video capabilities.
The previous T1i model offered a maximum resolution of 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), but with a non-standard (and rather low) rate of 20 frames per second, making this mode perhaps of limited use.
Lower-resolution options of 720p (1,280 x 720 pixels) and VGA (640 x 480) pixels had a more useful 30 frames per second rate, but all video modes were also hindered somewhat by offering only automatic exposure, and monaural audio from a built-in microphone.
The Canon T2i corrects every one of these issues, with a new stereo microphone input jack, manual control of video exposure available, and a wide range of standard video frame rates on offer.
 At 1080p resolution, the user can select between 24, 25, and 30 frames per second.
For 720p and VGA shooting, both 50 and 60 fields per second modes are available.
Users can also edit movies in camera, including the ability to chop off beginning or ends of movies, but only in one-second increments.

You should have a book/PDF on teh setup disc you can copy to your Desktop.

The Canon Rebel T2i/550D Digital Camera Layout
Here’s a guide to the buttons, dials, and other external controls on your Digital Rebel T2i/550D
Page 124>Movies>Autoexposure shooting
Frame rates page 131
JonathongAuthor Commented:
I suspected that your theory may have been the case, but didn't want to have to deal with returning the bad card.
I picked up a new card today, a PNY brand 64Gb Class 10, and so far I have not experienced a problem. So i believe the Patriot card was probably a lemon.

Thank you
What are the odds of that, was this a new card? Jonathong just for my own curiosity.
It's fairly rare for quality manufacturing, but a LOT of cards purchased via eBay or non-mainstream vendors are not actually what they seem. Many do not comply with the standards of read/write speeds they claim to comply with, and most do not actually have the capacity they claim. Some of these are outright fakes, some are altered from original quality manufactured cards with digitally-modified reporting (they show more capacity than they actually have), some are factory discards that are being sold... etc.
Wow that's really raises my eyebrows in surprise lherrou
especially if one purchases the right cards type from Ebay not per say from Cannon.
Thank you for sharing that good advise once again.
Yes I have seen the recommendations of my expensive digital goods when reading the manual where they  Note use only their products.
I posted the manual for the Canon Ti  above and it only says to use some specific card types that are supported not necessarily from Cannon.
Trusted Brands is the go.
Thanks again.
JonathongAuthor Commented:
Hey guys,
The Patriot card was brand new purchased from newegg.
It could have just been bad, or it could have been counterfeit, it does happen.
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