Got confused about using VxLAN (The new Dataplane overlay) or just use MPLS over GRE. I need to visualize  network for multiple tenants.

Also any experience in Juniper contrail integration with Mirantis Openstack Havana

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pergrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that even 10 year old routers will support MPLSoGRE but hardly any router will do mpls over UDP.

When you download and install Contrail it comes bundled with OpenStack Havanna. I have not looked into Mirantis, although the reviews are good.

It is my understanding that development plans of Contrail and Openstack are synced... Meaning things that are better incorporated in Openstack are not put into Contrail. So we can assume Openstack to be an essential part to Contrail going forward.
VXLAN is proprietary, from VMWare, and MPLSoGRE is standards.

The tunnels go from the "compute servers" to some sort of network hardware, preferably, unless you want to use standard VLAN between servers and border routers in the data center.

Generally the main purpose of both is to connect several VM that may be on different servers into the same VPN, so that they can access each other - and that they still access each other when one VM is moved for some reason.

Both MPLS, GRE, BGP, and Contrail and Openstack, are open standards, protocol and code, which has its value.

VXLAN is sort of the EIGRP of data center virtualization. It works well, but locks you in - and there are alternatives.
anishpeterAuthor Commented:
Got the idea. What about MPLSoUDP.  Can you explain the real difference of these with VxLAN.
Also any integration experience with contrail and Mirantis openstack havana
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anishpeterAuthor Commented:
But are you sure Contrail comes bundled with OpenStack Havana? I never see any article for this. You have implementation experience of Contrail?
anishpeterAuthor Commented:
Also you have any implementation experience of contrail.
Share me some documents which explains contrail comes bundle with havana
On holiday today, but if you go to the Juniper website, and look for

Day One Books

There is one about Contrail architecture, that is quite good. It's a free pdf.

Www.opencontrail.com is also good. It used to have a download link for Contrail too, so you can download a centos iso, or Ubuntu deb, and see for yourself.
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