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Autocreating Client Printers In Citrix XenApp 5

I am using XenApp 5 and I have one user that is not able to print remotely. His locally installed printers do not appear. I have other clients that do create printers, so I am not sure why this one user cannot.
This should be simple to fix, but I cannot seem to find a decent solution, hence this question.
Can anyone provide insight as to what I should do to ensure this user can print locally?

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1 Solution
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Check the policy where Auto Creation of client printers is set - how are you filtering it? Is that user falling under that group?

Also check the version of the ICA client on that user - better should be V. 12.x or higher.
Jayanta SarmahCommented:
As mutawadi suggested :

1) verify your policy filter (user Ip or user ID , subnet etc) causing this.
2) Updated ICA client.
3) Reset user cached profile in the xenapp server , if possible publish a test notepad and verify user printers are mapped for notepad.
4) Confirm user local printers are not something very old model etc where UPD fails. install a common printer say HP some model in the user workstation ( just to test no need that the actual printer to be exist or connected ) and verify if the same fails too.
5) make sure that user application is the same as other and same set of servers and all these xenapp server printer is working ( I am sure you have already verified it if not this should be the first)

Hope this helps

JJENSEN3Author Commented:
Thank you all for your input. I have some further information after trying the suggestions.

1. The policy applies to the user in question
2. The latest client is in place
3. I have reset the user cached profile
4. Printers are current
5. Application is the same on all servers

When I launch an application, the client printers do not appear, however when the user accesses citrix via a desktop icon, the printers are created.

Not sure where to go with this.
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Please answer the following questions:

1. How do you launch an application, is through a web interface?

2. What do you mean 'accesses Citrix through a desktop icon' exactly? Do you pnagent and apps published to your desktop? Or do you mean that he launches a XenApp desktop and launches applications from there?

3. What is the version of the ICA client?

4. Post a screenshot of the policies set.
JJENSEN3Author Commented:
1. The application is published in the farm
2. I have a desktop application that is published in the farm
3. It is the most recent client from the Citrix website
4. Snapshot of policy attached. This policy is applied to the user in question only.

Please let me know if you need further information.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
There are 5 ways you can publish an application in the farm. So what do you mean when you say a desktop application published in the farm?

You didn't answer how are your users presented with the apps. Is it through the web interface?

Please post screenshots of all the related policies set, the filter set on the policy and how is it placed amongst other policies?

Are the client printers for that user the same as the others or different models.
JJENSEN3Author Commented:
I have attached the screenshots you requested.
The user is presented the apps through a web interface.
The only policy I have set is the one I posted and it is for this user only.
The client printers are different for that user than other users.

Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Three things to check and try for the user:

1. Are the printer drivers for that user available on the XenApp servers?

2. Test whether the printer models available for others would autocreate on the user with the issue. This way, from both points you can deduce the issue!!

3. If the drivers are available and if in point 2 the known models still do not autocreate, then try recreating the profile for that user.
JJENSEN3Author Commented:
At this point I am still not certain why the printers won't auto create. The user has printers that auto create just fine for other users. I removed the user policy and the printers seem to auto create 80% of the time. At this point I am going to leave well enough alone.
Things shouldn't be this difficult. Thanks for your input.
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