how to troubleshoot SMTP/POP3.

Hi: I would like to request you to guide me if SMTP or POP3 is not working in my mail server which is postfix in centos 5. How I would be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
Sanjeev jhaAsked:
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SandyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you try sending one mail and paste the output of /etc/mail/maillog ?

Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
A lot of things could be happening, what errors are you getting?

Ping your local gateway & DNS server
Ping your ISP & google

type "mailq" to see the number of mail in the queue
type "sendmail -q" to flush out the queue

Like I said there is a lot we don't know.
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
yes you are write: Problem is that am able to receive mail but not able to send mail. I mean problem in sending.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
Have you tried any of the steps above, what's the result?
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
yes: I am getting reply.

There is no mail in queue.
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