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Using the following information, how do I do a formula for this.

Student get enrolled into our classes every Monday.  So our first day of classes started on 04/07/14.  In my table this is a datetime field.  There is a possibility of 78 hours for this quarter.  What I need help with is figure out the 90% attendance for these students.

Does this make sense?  No sure if I am explaining this right.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What does the report show now?
You should be able to get the SUM of the hours attended and available and do the calculation in a formula

Sum({HoursSttendedFIeld},{StudentIdField}) / Sum({HoursAvailableField},{StudentIdField})

what database language are you using to get the it SQL server?

The reason, i ask is because it would be much easier and faster to get the output values if you can get it done directly in SQL and use that value in the report
TCHGirlAuthor Commented:
I am using SQL.  But the reports that everybody uses in Crystal.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am guessing this is for a class or a training course you are taking.

Do you need the answer in Crystal?

You need to add a group on the student.
Sum the hours attended
Sum the hours available
In the group footer
Calculate the percentage

TCHGirlAuthor Commented:
Yes I do need this in Crystals.  Is there not an easier way to do this?  Crystal has a place for SQL Expressions.  So how would I do the above?
TCHGirlAuthor Commented:
Right now the report does not have this in it.  I have been putting information into a difference table.  So what I am trying to do is eliminate that table and save myself some extra steps.

The formula needs to also be based of when the student started the class because not all the students start class the same day.

So if the student started classes on 04/21/2014 then there are 31 days left in the quarter  x 2 hours a day..  In order for the student to reach 90% then he has to attend classes for 56 hours.  If he attends 56 hours of class then the line says "you reached 90%", if it is less than 56 hours then the line says "you did not reach 90%".

So this what I want to have printed on my report.  But in a formula.  Is this possible?
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What information is in the report?

To get what you want you will need
1.  Dates/times student attended
2.  Date/times scheduled for class
3.  Date student started attendance
4.  Date student ended attendance

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