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hello friend,

I have a customer who as exhange 2003 evirontment, recently we have acquire we company.  suppose my orignal company is and is company we aquire, so Ryan was user of company some one delete his account from company which was is primary company and now created his mail ID in company,
what ryan want if some one sends mails to it should be forwarded to internal as well as external mails should come to

Can some one help me to get some idea to resolve this.
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David CarrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you cannot forward mail for an address if it does not exist somewhere
David CarrCommented:
If the email address in the other domain is deleted you will have to re-create it and then set up forwarding in Exchange to the address in the new domain.

To do this open the Exchange System manager right click on the user you want to change and select Delivery Options from the General tab.  Select Forward to from the Forwarding Address section. Select Modify. Add the email address to forward the mail to. select OK.
Choose OK then OK again to close the window.
jayz82inAuthor Commented:
hello David ,

THanks for the update is there any other way, with out recreating its mail id in other domain.
jayz82inAuthor Commented:
hello David i will surely work on the option you provided. but just wanted to know any possible ways
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