basic very entry level camera.. for 8 year old...

looking to get it for an 8 year old grandson who is just going to enjoy first owned camera..

thinking between the two.. one is $40 and other $80.. wanted to stick with one these brands as they give 1 year warranty.

do you see significant difference in performance/value? i would appreciate your feedback- what are the other factors you would see if you set aside the sale price, between these two.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go with the Nikon Coolpix S31 for kids under 10 it is a toy camera but takes real photos.
Take a look
Best Digital Cameras for Kids under 10 or over 10 includes the Nikon and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TF1  both are water proof ;)
 for those beach shots or pool,  Bathtub!! very durable and no small parts.

I bought a Nikon CoolPix s6500  for myself as a spare camera at Christmas time,
 It's brilliant and does a fantastic job. I bought it from BigW Australia, Do you have Big W Woolworth in your country?
Mine is like a carrot colour 
As for it being basic well I don't think there is such a thing.
Mine does a terrific job especially with Macro.
Easy to plug into the computer. I also upgraded the internal SD card memory.
It charges up via the USB as well.
All digital cameras have lots of good features for the amature.
The only cons I give the Nikon is the on button. It seems to need pressing a few times to open it the lens slides out,
 then the lens wont close back in immediately and again have to press that off button a few times..I had to get into the habit of laying it on the glass backside all the time and I didn't like this as it can give it scratches. But laying it on the lens front can damaged dirty the sleeves of the slide out lens.
Nikon Coolpix S31 does not have this lens slide out.
Another idea, most youngsters own a cell phone these days. Why not just give him such a phone? Most of them have a built-in camera, and their quality isn't that bad.
25112Author Commented:
thanks- will definitely consider it for more him in a couple of years.. right now, txt msg, internet is off-limits for the 8 year old!
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then I'd go for the Nikon. But that is mainly because I'm not so much a canon fan.
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Nikon has better features:  higher resolution screen, built in rechargeable battery, more storage.  Note that battery isn't user replaceable.

Yeah, I'd go for the Nikon too.
SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It can also depend upon environment. At that age they are ... still a bit immature, less coordinated, more distractible, vulnerable, gullible, idealist, .... -this is not bad, they just have more to look forward to in growing up, hence still in need of more guidance/protection than a teenager.

So with environment that can be more harsh than a bedroom, suppose they have opportunity to go near water, such as for a swim or fishing. For that situation one can improve the experience by getting them something better able to survive the environment. Perhaps an economical disposable that can survive being kicked, dropped on the ground or into water. With economy, one can be more adept at including other gift(s).

For electonics beware to consider features that may be undesirable to some. Here a specific case comes to mind for eight year old who had and enjoyed such a disposable, and was sufficiently trained to avoid channels having undesirable physical activity between people (adult nature) to point of switching channel if it looked like a pair was about to kiss on the lips. With a hand held, the individual found 'fun' in watching Jerry Springer, and would seek out access to game cheats (malware). For whatever reason the person became more apt to demean others they were not introduced to, eluding expressions that were insulting as a basic human right to opinion. Maybe that is ok to you, but it was not ok to me or their similarly trained older siblings. Just be aware. At that age they may more enjoy some alternative such as a game, whether contained on handheld or not, which also could be budget appropriate. Even at that age they may be appreciative of some item of clothing which could also be budgeted with a camera and game, which could be encouraged by their environment such as a hat or cap, pair of gloves, for some even slippers and toy model. As grandparent consider right to multiple gifts and demonstrate responsibility.

Having said that, I'll visit the specific links with preconceived notion of name recognition above being approvable.

Considering only information on links for comparison, I think you need to first better define environment and then pursue alternate information (links) that address that better.

For the canon link, the reviews are disconcerting both for eight year old and for the obvious opposition concerning viability. The picture quality is terrific and horrible. At 12 megapixels the first should be true. They are great in sunlight and poor in sunlight. An advanced user cannot get it to work properly even with support while a casual user finds it easy to use. Images that are blurry, but many features, easy to use, good battery life. Lightweight and flimsy. Automatic options are undependable.

The Nikon link has no comparable review, but its claimed features appear to justify 'some' added value to the canon, such a a few more pixels. It is rechargable and good for indoor movies. It has less storage than canon, but how much really is the perceived need for storage, and maintaining it solely on the device.

I don't think this is sufficient for comparison, so with only that information I would not want to pay double, where you could get two canon (for two grandchildren to have same model - or one for yourself so you can independently learn usability and teach). I've a 5 megapixel (less than half) and it served well enough for my use. Considering that there may be desire to replace or upgrade in some future, say at age 12 where both needs and technology would likely have changed, my vote would have to go to the more disposable (eg cheaper) canon.

Try to assess more the individual environment/need and their demonstrated capability prior to final determination. What can individual already handle. Would they more desire selfie, background picture of pet on computer, movie of birthday party, use indoors or outdoors, day or night, with/without flash or sound, reproduction such as using printer to distribute or enlarge. How about for support available from peers, parents, grandparents? For repair/maintenance/upgrade. For closeup of friend vs wider angle such as car, home, and the greater outdoors, vacations, day or night, cloudy or not. Try to focus more on current needs, while leaving open opportunity for their everchanging needs as they develop.

Then try to google (or revise question here) on what values to pursue, otherwise go for 'best' (pricey, brag rights) or go for more immediate economy. Then no-tell. Either one is equally likely to be appreciated as the other by an eight year old. Well, unless 'everyone else' they know has settled on just one of the models.
SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Concerning the comments that have appeared while I was preparing mine:

I am personally opposed to batteries such as canon AA batteries, but presumed one could opt for recharchargable. If dbrunton (reliable source) is correct and battery isn't user replaceable, that is for me a game changer, Even long life does not justify it as a disposable. I would recommend no one ever purchase that model ever. I did not read that in the link and did recommend further research before selecting. So given the choice of only two models, the only remaining option for me is nikon since it must already fit budget.

Still, given its use of USB, and my preference to plug into wall socket, I would still suggest further evaluation. This leads directly to computer access and parental (or guardian) control with support. Nothing wrong with that, just something else for consideration.

Update (oops) I skimped on the quote " battery conveniently charges off a laptop computer or household outlet with supplied USB cable". The potential for need of separate purchase for addons is partially addressed in the link for computer connection with possibility of wall connection. The extra cost implies that there's also a wall charger, but I would prefer confirmation prior to delivery of a gift. For personal purchase you can visit local store later if you later determine need for the wall plug - and maybe the said wall plug is already available from prior purchase. But for best defending child from internet the answer is the wall socket, and for gift that is best included up front. While the unit may be able to run on current initial charge, enabling time for additional procurements, and potential remains for guardian to make initial USB recharge, I don't think that is advisable, keeping them too dependent while providing more opportunity to learn further computer accessability. I would prefer to best ensure the wall outlet connection be included in the present, let the child connect up themself from the get-go.

Reconsidering the canon, I would not vote for canon even with batteries user can change, such should at least have lower cost. Consider how child observes battery end of life - likely very inconvenient at time they are more experienced and likely to depend on immediate availability while having less patience and attentiveness (handy pack of batteries?). My vote goes to the wall socket connection, not depending on just one more USB port available to them.

Where time is pressing (date of birthday, need to wrap) get the nikon. If time available recognize there's the opportunity for more research including for other models from same or other manufacturers, some referenced in the links (and the wall outlet cable).
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On sealed battery - it is for the Nikon

The Canon uses AA batteries, conventional or rechargeable.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would also look into the minimum distance it makes clear pictures; young ones like to make them of bees, and insects, or written pages
ther can be a serious difference here
if you can - try both camera's out !!
25112Author Commented:
thank you experts.. go with nikon for various reasons you guided.

sunbow, thanks for your detailed perspectives.. you should perhaps write an expert article "factors in getting camera with age and environment appropriateness!" with the content you published here, so others can reference it later. :)

hi Aus expert- Merete, based on your review (thank you) I probably will get s6500 for myself. now, s6800 is almost same price as s6500. would you for the newer model for same price?
Absolutely 25112 the s6800 can only have more improvements.
 I am so happy with my s6500 results.
Especially the video, I take more video now than photos beautiful and clear and for a less expensive camera compared to my other expensive Panasonic Lumix @ 400 dollars or more I prefer the simplicity of the Nikon.
Glad to have helped and thank you !!!
Happy Snaps
25112Author Commented:
I'm actually surprised to see so many , but in the big picture there will always be those who may get one that has a fault.
I wouldn't read too much into this as a bad rap on a very good product we don't know the circumstance of their situation. How it was used.
I admit the buttons can be a bit unresponsive but I put that down to compact as it a small camera.
There is also 94 with a 5 star rating compared to the 26 with one star.
I love my Orange Nikon and have excellent results.
I posted the link above which is an indepth about the excellent features. Pros and cons for a budget camera. 

To use the wise words of  lherrou
He said it perfectly in reference to a  recent question on a Canon T2i "Movie Recording Has Been Stopped Automatically", As it turned out it was the faulty sim card>> and he replied to my puzzlement how can we tell > Items purchased via eBay or non-mainstream vendors are not always actually what they seem. To read the rest he Posted here
Take a look at our own experts article on Nikon Coolpix L18 Review
All in all you are the real expert when it come to choosing a camera, what you need and what you are prepared to pay. Like any camera even 2000 dollars or more if it has a fault or doesn't function properly take it back. That is not a bad rap but good service.
In the end the customer is happy.
These camera are small  point and shoot. Have cool features to mess with colours turning half a coloured photo to no colour, lots of things to explore and a very nice software to edit my photos and video ViewNX2
Personally I would never buy that on line if possible.
Eye on and hands on first.
Anything can get damaged in the post transit.
Hope this assures you 25112 I really do own one and I love it.
it's only 10 CM
NikonThe included software ViewNX2
25112Author Commented:
i'm sold.. thanks much Merete, for the clear review and details! appreciate much.
Your welcome ;)
Read the manual and come back here if you need help.
25112Author Commented:
thanks as always!
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