WIN7 connect to OLD netware 4.1 server protocol

Hi Experts,

Is it  Win7 impossible to connect  with  old  Netware 4.1  server.

I 've tried installed IPX  protocol from WIn xp, &  Novell client2 sp3  also  not success.

Any ideas ?

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BiniekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 not support IPX/SPX

1. Can You install/configure TCP/IP on Netware 4.1 ?

2. If You use Windows 7 PRO, You can use WIndows XP mode ( virtual machine with Windows XP ), You can install and configure Novell Client for WIndows XP (it support ipx/spx)  or You can install IPX/SPX in Windows XP )
Did You try to use Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 ?
candychan611Author Commented:
yes already download, still not work
deroodeConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
Windows 7 will not support IPX. Netware 4.1 will not support IP (that is, it will not support the Netware Core Protocol (NCP) over IP)

Your best solution is to replace the Netware 4.1 server (eol for over 10 years) for something more current, or use XP mode in Windows 7 as Biniek suggested (with XP eol since april 8 2014)
candychan611Author Commented:
I think to  use  XP   , did't update to win7 , because this is company's old server without support anymore.

I also know  nothing about netware4.11
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