HP-E5406zl switch configuration

This should be an easy question to answer.  I have a fairly new HP-E540zl switch that I initially set up with basic configurations and it is in production.  I notice that there is a "log in" under "HP networking" in the web interface for the switch.  Is this log in to configure the switch or is it to some HP service?  Because I can not log into it with the credentials i log into the switch with using hyper terminal.  

Secondly, as it stands I have one network segment.  However I may be asked to break the network into different segments for security purposes.  How would i go about this?  I am thinking setting up a different VLAN on this switch.  How does a windows network handle this?  Meaning if I have some of my machines on a different segment will they still be able to run server based apps and share information with the rest of the network?

Maybe someone can explain the basics like how two segments work inside of the same domain etc etc.
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I think that is the GUI access for switch configuration.

Sometimes, you need to configure log in for you to access via Web GUI.

You can set up VLANs along with VLAN interfaces with IP address for routing.

The default gateway for the devices that are connected to those VLANs should use the VLAN interface IP as their default gateway.  (InterVLAN routing)

Unless you create access list to block traffic, all devices on the vlans can communicate each other which will allow your machines on a different VLANs be able to run server based apps and share information with the rest of the network.

Some basic notes:

You will need to create VLANs and VLAN interfaces with IP addresses.

You will then have to assign VLANs on the switchports which the devices are going to be connected.
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OK I will test this out this week and award points.  :)
Try using "manager", "admin" or leave it blank as the login name in the web gui.  The password should always be the same as the terminal login.  Different versions of HP switches and firmware require different login names, it's a little annoying.

The login to the web gui allows you to upload/download firmware and configs, as well as make some basic changes to the configuration.
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