How do I improve Sharepoint Workflow performance time


I have setup a workflow that I start manually in SharePoint that simply changes the status of a column in an item.

I have a problem with the first approval takes roughly 50 seconds to start, but after that they are all quick.

Is there any way to improve this startup time?

./stuv &
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Jamie McAllister MVPConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Not necessarily. I'd say calling a page that displayed a workflow status might do it.
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
This is just a result of the necessary services being initialized. There's no great way to avoid this.

You could try a warm up script, but in general they're best avoided;
stuvx64Author Commented:
yeah, I tried that already.  would that load the workflow library as well into memory?
stuvx64Author Commented:
Any other suggestions?
stuvx64Author Commented:
I would say that spwakeup is the best solution at the moment.
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