Desktop not recognising wireless card or dongle

Desktop pc wireless dongle stopped connecting to internet.

Replaced dongle and reinstalled drivers, WiFi utility says that it is working fine but wont connect to internet. Adaptor wont connect( (i have input wifi keycode) Checked device manager says all fine.
Installed wi-fi pci card (tp link twin Ariel) and software, same problem. Checked signal on mobile wi-fi ok.
Device manager says installed ok, o/s is win 7 and card is for win 7. Wlan started in devices.
Connect by cable internet works ok,
Problem seems to lie in the software utility not being installed correctly, tried reinstalling with anti virus  off, still same problem.

Removed all wi-fi pci card drivers from device manager, and switched pc off and on, to force windows to look for new card, installed drivers and utility from manufacture disc provided for win 7, still wont connect. All drivers installed correctly according to device manager.

Checked  hard drive, cpu and motherboard  all appear ok (used diagnostic software).
Checked internet options all boxes ticked.
Tried ipconfig, but nothing shows (put this down to adaptor not connected).

Not sure  what to do next?
FrankW64Computer technicianAsked:
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did you update all the drivers for the motherboard yet? it can help
also - if the problem came up recently, a system restore to a date it was ok can help you out (watch the updates )
Don't use the utilities, use only Windows own Wi-Fi connect routines. Uninstall everything, when installing the Wi-Fi dongle, only have the drivers ready.
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
Will try that and post back
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Santosh GuptaCommented:
check all wireless services are running
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
As i said in my original question wlan is started
What about mac filtering? Is that enabled? Is it picking up old mac from old card?
open your windows start orb and then open CMD prompt or type into run cmd press enter
or in the search CMD
r/click it and run as admin if needed

in the dos box type or copy and paste. make sure there is a gap between /
ipconfig /all
to reset
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
Type exit to leave the command prompt and get to Windows

Replaced dongle< log into your router and see if the settings are renewed.
Turn off router for 3 minutes then turn on again.
A Lan cable is always reliable
they are relatively straightforward to set up, once the drive is installed the dongle will look for all available wireless networks, choose yours, enter the network key and that's it.
it looks like you have other troubles
in device manager -  no errors?
you can run sfc /scannow for corrupt OS

and if the problem is recent - you can do a system restore to a date it worked ok
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
Thanks fro all replies, some I have already tried, I will give all ideas another go, I would use a lan cable,but unfortunately that is not practicable. I will post back results Tuesday,
Regards to all

Frank - i want to say to you that we are not mind readers, so post a bit of explanation on ", some I have already tried, I will give all ideas another go, " which ones you mean?
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
I thought that my statement was quite clear "1 will give all ideas another go" with the emphasis on all, meant what it said in english,  I will try all the suggestions posted again. .
all does not tell us which ones - it's the same as saying nothing worked  - then we also don't know what is tried
better say : i tried this  and this
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
List of things tried,
1. Completely removed all, traces of old card, dongles and new card installed.
2. Reinstalled drivers only for wi-fi card - still not found,
3. Reinstalled drivers and utilities,
3. Confirmed all wireless settings in services started.
4. Un-Installed  utility and drivers, ran registry cleaner,
5. Reinstalled utility and drivers using different dvd writer.
6. ran sfc/scannow no problems.
7. Reinstalled drivers and utility.
8. Checked device manager, wi fi adaptor showing installed no problem
9.Ran ipconfig /all error message "adaptor not found supporting ipconfig.
10. Checked tcip and ipv 4 & 6 installed.

Note: I  noticed that wireless utility doesn’t  appear to be working (cant change any settings).

This all seems strange, I would have thought an error would show somewhere, apart from it not just working. i am starting to wonder if the pci bus is not picking up the card, or there is a motherboard fault, the cpu fan and cooler where quite heavily blocked with dust

7. Reinstalled drivers and utility
Frank tx for posting this list, but i fear - don't get angry - it  is still a bit vague
let's tackle ONE thing at the time  : the wifi pc card - which model is it? and the oS 32 or 64 bit?
did it show up installed in the device manager without error? (you said yes, and internet works ok - by cable) - but without cable not ?
in any case - what happened -  did you have any errors , did the wireless connection points show or not?
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
Some of your quiestion I have already answered however:-
1.Wi-fi card tp tl-wr842nd model 32 &64bit
2. Installed in device manager without error,
3.No,it dosent work without cable (ie on wifi)
4. No error showing any where just wont connect.
5. Wifi connection points not showing.
6.Ipconfig shows no, connection as adaptor not founsd.

The question was asked as I have a customer who is a dairy herdsman, and I needed to fix the problem by a set date. As he needs to send off his diary report.

I found a work round, installed a pair of tp link mini power adaptors, as the diary and office are on the same ring main,and used these to cable the pc to the router.  Problem solved .However i would have liked to found out why the wi-fi would not work (suspect the pci bus) but time was against me.
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
Yes I did all the usual stuff all drivers are up to date.

Problem is i don’t know the date it stopped working but have tried system restore to no effec t.
Everything you have done here shares a common denominator a connection to the "router"
You started with>Desktop pc wireless dongle stopped connecting to internet<< could have been the router and all subsequent efforts have the same problem.
Seems to point to the router to me.
The router is the hardware that connects you to the internet.
All I can think of is two areas as to why the original dongle stopped,, possibly the router has a problem.
Change your router, I always have around three routers that I have changed and keep the old ones.
I use an old replaced router to test. By old is only around a year old.
They just seem to give it up after twelve months and need a rest.
If the account has not been paid.
If the router has a problem you wont have a network locally either.
If you have local network but not internet. Try the router change or ring your ISP and have them check the router in their end.
What router are you using?
FrankW64Computer technicianAuthor Commented:
The router is fine, it waas checked at the start with a laptop next to  the desktop. This connected fine.
As for the account has not been paid, It is up to date - and I am not that stupid that I would expect to get internet from an unpaid account.
Hello Frank
You know how it goes it's merely a question with no stupid intentions intended..
Does the " old " dongle function in the laptop?
In the desktop
reset the Windows Socket and check.
Type “cmd” on the Start menu search if it is hidden
Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
 In the Command prompt.
 Copy paste the below command and hit Enter
netsh winsock reset catalog
This command will reset the Winsock
Now restart the computer and check.

If it helps have a look and refresh your steps
Procedure on how to Install USB Wireless Adapter in Windows 7
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