How do I pin to the task bar?
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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I also presume IE for asker .,,,,,

Given the second comment, I can validate that dragging tab works for me with IE even if I cannot view the video.

For other than IE I tried Firefox and Chrome and they both fail, one won't drag that far and the one that can does not pin.  Both have alternate option, for example, right click on tab and select pin tab. One has KB option.
It depends on the Operating System you're using.

This method works great in Windows 8,
Richard DanekeConnect With a Mentor TrainerCommented:
1. If is your home page, you can pin it to the taskbar when your browser is open with a right-click on the taskbar button, you select Pin to Taskbar.
  By the way, you can have more than one page for a home page.  Open as many tabs as you desire to start with IE, then right-click on the Home icon in the top right, choose Add or Change Home Page at the bottom of the list to open a window to set your preference.

2. I may have versions wrong, but with a minimum of IE 10 and Windows 7 or 8, you can drag the web page tab down to the taskbar.  Hover on the taskbar for a moment until a small window pops up (a tool tip) that reads 'Pin to Taskbar'.  Release the left mouse button.     Later, with a single click of the new taskbar button, IE will open to that web page.
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Having used it, (likely even if you have not) in Windows 7 left-click start menu (lower left) right-click MSN then select Pin to taskbar.

While I do not run it on this computer and cannot verify, my recollection of prior use is that it defaults to placing clickable icon on the desktop. Where you left click it to run, you can right click it to get the choice to pin it to taskbar.

This should generally work for windows version prior to v8. I've a copy of v8 but haven't loaded it yet, and am aware there can be variety of user interfaces to be installed so I cannot comment yet on that one. I can comment on the link for earlier comment. It claims to have a video I cannot review. The only text refers to 'webpage tab' which is not for .com and may be unique to v8, although the URL refers only to v7.

I've yet to load latest MS update that's supposed to make it easier to update to v8, so maybe that is now a requirement. For the video.

But the text in link does include text for another thing I like about windows, namely drag and drop. So my 3rd alternative for Windows 7 is drag it to the taskbar. For the desktop icon, you press and hold the button on the icon to drag it, then hover over taskbar and release.

Note that these processes are independent of MSN itself. You can do same for favorite browser or game, for example. With the left click on start button you can easily review which programs you more often use.

You can also rearrange your desktop items using drag/drop.
dockboy549Author Commented:
My windows is 7 so as I'm reading shouldn't be a problem.
For my earlier comment, If unable to view desktop icons with multiple windows open, rather than handling them one at a time you can minimize all by pressing "M" key while holding the windows-key.
dockboy549Author Commented:
The installation went as described, however:

Anyway to change the icon/logo.  Appears to be a translucient 4 color butterfly.
Richard DanekeConnect With a Mentor TrainerCommented:
The icon is set as part of the web page - by MSN.  I am not aware of a way to change this when pinning the tabs.

BTW, you can also create shortcuts on your desktop. You can still use the Create Shortcut feature to create .url Internet shortcuts, but these will always be placed on the desktop. You can do this by:

·        Right click within a webpage
·        Click Create Shortcut
·        Click Yes

·        Press Alt + F on your keyboard
·        Click Send
·        Click Shortcut to Desktop

The advantage here is you can right-click, select Properties and change the icon.
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