SharePoint 2010 - Managing Web Discussions (Windows SharePoint Services 2.0) Equivalent

Posted on 2014-04-26
Last Modified: 2014-05-04

where can I locate the functionality for  managing web discussions ( WSS 2.0 ) in SP 2010.  I am able to enable the Team Discussion functionality in SP 2010. However we would like users to participate in discussion about documents created in word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs compatible with Windows SharePoint Services, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as any HTML or Rich Text Format (RTF) file.

The threaded discussions be maintained in the content databases.

Thank you in advance for your kind guidance.
Question by:Russellbrown
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You mean a Blog?
You can create a blog site, absed on a blog template...
I guess this covers most of the earlier existing default libraries
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy earned 250 total points
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By default, a "Team Discussion" web part will be included if you create a new Team Site in SharePoint 2010.

You can also just add that web part to any page you like.  Here's an overview:

If you want to have a discussion about a particular document, then it is usually a best practice to create a Document Workspace.

Author Comment

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Thank you both for the reply. It appears that the functionality I am looking for is not in SP.

In running a project and or getting team members up to speed on a subject matter/workflow, a set of documents will be published to the site. These will usually be powerpoints / word docs in html format i.e. web documents so that it is easy to fire up.

Below each of these documents should be a window / portion for discussions ( threaded ).  This is useful as team members can collaborate with the said  key document in view and at the same time provide inputs via the discussion window / section.

The focus is not so much in editing the documents, but to hep team members in collaborating in a project.

 I  have to research further on this.
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Assisted Solution

by:Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
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One thing I've learned about SharePoint is to never say never...

I just quickly threw together what you describe:

Document Discussion Page
Functionality is what SharePoint excels at.  You can either create your own site template for these type of projects, or there are plenty of third-party providers that provide reasonably priced solutions.

There are tons of different web parts and apps which can be added to pages so that it works exactly the way you want.
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Let me add some coments:

Using Sharepoint means also to thinl a little bit in a different direction. It is not only to realize one single request in a defined way. Additional requests will come up and may change the way, how to realize it.

Nevertheless Sharepoint can index all kind off office files (dependend from the version / client CAL), I usually don't like it if it is used as a file system with additional funtionality.

Sharepoint is a great tool to spread information, but if you have all the time to change the media, i.e. from a list to PPT, Excel or Word, information will fragment and is difficult to read.

You my think about to force the users to reduce the number of office document and use more the Sharepoint items. Beside single lists and libraries, which can all be customized as needed, there are additionally web parts and complete templates to make the information more readable. To put a document there and then add a discussion thread is possible, but you have to open the document to see, what the people are talking about.

For some cases, it is better to make the topic readable, either by directly adding the text to a sharepoint webpart or to use the viewer webpart to show the content of an office document.

At least what you requested, you may try to setup a blog site, there you can start with a topic, either in a viewer web part or just as text, and users can add their comments.

Also there are ready for use discussion web parts which can be used in a more simple way.

So just play around with the possibilities of the webparts and you find out, how to presen information in a more straight and more easy to read way.

Indexing and search functionality makes it easy to find the information back.

Used in the wrong way, Sharepoint even can mutate to a graveyard for office documents.

Author Comment

ID: 40039082

Thank you for the screen shot. That looks interesting.  I tried to replicate it with the various templates but not entirely successful.

I created Document Workspace and added 2 web parts: Picture Library and Discussion Board

1.Can you please show how it is done? e.g. Site Actions >New Site/More Options> Document Workspace etc

2.Is there a Page Viewer web part?


1."...To put a document there and then add a discussion thread is possible, but you have to open the document to see, what the people are talking about. "


2."...there are ready for use discussion web parts which can be used in a more simple way..."
Am still searching for an appropriate solution

Thank you.
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Assisted Solution

Bembi earned 250 total points
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Jeffrey's idea was to put a page viewer web part (yes, it exists one) and a discussion web part side by site.
The original web part you was asking for doesn't exist anymore. I guess the reason is just, that it is much easier than before to work together on documents, so the question is why to make comments beside documents when you can direcly make them inside.
OK, but different discusssion.

Document workspaces are available under the Site Action / New Site...., there you see differnet templates and one of it is a document workspace.

But not all templates as well as web parts are available in every version of sharepoint.
Foundation do not have all of the Sharepoint Server functionality and for some of the Enterprise functions you need at least have enabled them. Otherwise you may miss some templates and web parts.

So if you do not see what we are talking abour here, it just may have to do with your version.

Author Comment

ID: 40041080
Got it. Thank you very much. I am able to create a Team Discussion list and add documents. In a document, I can insert Excel, PowerPoint and or Word file as well as any image file. As each document has a "Reply" feature, I can "sync" discussions to the document in question.

That should be good for the project that I am working on.

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