I have an Asus pc with an onboard vga output and an external card containing one vga and one hdmi output.  Apparently I can't use the onboard if I use the external, so here's what I need to accomplish:

I have the monitor on that desktop connected via hdmi.

I currently have two necessary outputs - another monitor (only accepts composite or svideo) and a projector (currently connected with vga, but does support svideo and 'maybe' hdmi (I forget)).

Ideally, I would also like to have the secondary display output sent to a second desktop monitor, but also allow for the potential to have another external monitor for future use.

So, display #1 output = hdmi to the local desktop monitor
Display #2 should be split among two to four outputs.  I can get by if I just split that 2nd video to two svideo outputs for the current arrangement (immediate need), but if there's an option that I should move towards right now to support my long term requirements, I can purchase that now.

From what I've read online, I need a vga converter, though I haven't found one that seems to fit my needs.
Currently my 2nd display monitor is over coax with an adapter for input into the composite video input, but I 'think' I'll get a better signal with svideo.  Plus I have to do some recabling here anyway, so I thought I'd swap that out if that's a better solution.

*Running Win8.1
LVL 67
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>> Does that sound stupid cheap though?

Yes, but they are probably just trying to clear out "old" stock, that is becoming less and less called for.
And unless you have a "budget" to throw at this, I would try the s-video first.   ; )

>> ...I've no idea why they ran the coax the way they did...

No way to really tell, but with boosting a RF signal so easy, it was probably easier for them that way.

Running Composite over coax is not a problem.
Finding a Composite signal booster, is.
My 'rule of thumb' is about 100 feet without a boost. And a 'regular' RF signal booster will not do it.

If you need to make a svideo to composite adapter, here is the schematic.
Just need a "pancake cap".
400 pf - 10 nf capacitors would be acceptable (with ~470 being ideal). some even say it works without the cap.

Like I said, easy.   ; )
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you put a matox tripplehead2go connect out from here>Asus pc with an onboard vga output then you would connect all other three external monitors. to the matrox
( graphics expansion module)
as for this>an external card containing one vga and one hdmi output.<< discard
In other words are you connecting a TV and 2 monitors to a computer windows8 desktop? Laptop? Why only a VGA with windows8?
refs to>Currently my 2nd display monitor is over coax with an adapter for input into the composite video input, what the source? television cable TV.
Buy a set top box connect your cox to that then run component or hdmi from the box to your computer. I bought a Panasonic digital DVR and connected my cable box to that. The Panasonic has all the output ..
Please be specific as it saves time.
Your details are our eyes on.
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First a dumb question.
What is feeding your "coax with an adapter for input into the composite"?

S-video will be slightly better, but you are still limited to the rez you can get to.
Also stay away from the "cheap" s-video/composite adapters (if you go that way), they will only give you black/white.
You either need to buy, or make, a cable, that will give you color. They are easy to make.

I'm also am currently looking for a vga to s-video or composite converter, as the one we were using, went wanky last week.
Tiger Direct seems to have some, but man, the price!   : /
Still looking though.

You also might consider using a USB video card(s) for the 3rd/4th monitor(s).
They come in different outputs, so you can get what you want.
We have one (adapted from DVI to VGA), into a VGA splitter. One leg goes to a third desktop monitor, and the other leg to a 52" TV about 20 feet away.

Just so you know what my setup is... monitor 1 is S-video from the video card, to the desktop (main screen). Monitor 2 is DVI-VGA, to a 3-way splitter/booster. One monitor on the desktop, and 2 52" TV about 80 feet away.
Then the two on the USB card.

I need the vga to composite, so I can reincorporate 2 old RF TV's back into the mix.

yeeeee hawwwww...    8 |
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bugger... pre-posted by Merete, again.   ; )

But she did mention something I forgot. The "external card" you mentioned, did you mean an "addin" card (goes in a motherboard slot)?
Only 17 secs faster ;)
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Yes, external = slotted card.
I can't use both, and since I need two displays, I have to use the card.
This is for presentation - no tv needs.
I need the main monitor (hdmi) for the control/desktop display.  The second output is for the presentation(s).

What is feeding your "coax with an adapter for input into the composite"?
Not sure what you mean by feeding.  The output from the card goes into input on a AVerMedia iAVerKey ProDV splitter/converter.  The vga out on that runs to the projector.  The composite video out has an adapter to make it fit the coax that runs in the wall, and it has the same adapter on the other end to the presentation monitor.  
One problem, aside from the switch seeming to cause issues, is that 2nd monitor will go completely off or phase in and out periodically.  Aside from the connection, I found that the coax cable run goes probably 80 feet in an opposite direction before it's re-routed to that monitor - I have no idea why.
So, what I'd like to do is change that out.  I initially thought svideo, but wondering if component video might be a better option.

I also have a potential/future need to have a second presentation display seated next to the main monitor so that I can view the presentation at the desk.  In addition, long term needs may also allow for a 4th presentation display.  So, to incorporate that into the plan, along with what I've mentioned above,
I was looking at
1) Purchasing a 4-way splitter:
2) With this converter:

I'm not sure, but this cable seems to 'work', I just don't know how to find out if both the pc/splitter will allow that signal to be transferred, nor if the other monitor will support it:

So, I was aiming at just the svideo with the converter - but this seems REALLY cheap for 50ft!

If either of you know a way to determine if that vga to component setup would work without a converter, I'd prefer to go that route....
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ahhhh... that helped.  : )

For 5 bucks, It might be worth going to the 50ft s-video. That "extra" 80ft of coax isn't helping you any.

Is the coax running with any electrical wiring, or around/over florescence lights?

whoops... gotta go. be back later.

>> Only 17 secs faster

That's minutes, my dear.   Min-utes.   : (
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Haha - 17 seconds...reminds me of the time an expert comment was reportedly placed 1 second  before the OP posted the question!  Good times.

Does that sound stupid cheap though?  $5?  
I know there's power to the monitor from the sound booth, but I've no idea why they ran the coax the way they did.  It heads down the wall about 75ft or so, connects into a sort of coax-distribution panel/plate.  Goes from there, inside the wall, presumably up to the ceiling back to darn near the area it originated, before proceeding over to the final destination.  I can't for the life of me figure why it was cabled that way.

Cool, so that sounds like my purchase plan.  I'm going to ditch the idea of vga to component, because from what I've read I'd still need some sort of converter, because the monitor has no original vga input.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Make an adapter, he says...<chuckle>.
Outside my realm of possibility sir, but I do appreciate the wise counsel.
Thanks to you both for the assistance.
Thank you much.    : )

Yell for help, if you need to.   : D
Morning all, I see you have a solution sirbounty.
Good job coral47 and thank you for the assist sirbounty.
oh, Merete, I was wanting to ask you. Do you still have that 'righteous' media center hack hanging in the breeze, or did you ever get it in a 'case'?
That was sweet.   : D
LOL you mean the raspberry pi xbmc? coral47
 I actually put it in clear case and changed the composite to hdmi ;)
I only paid a couple of dollars for that now you can buy them complete with a remote control. But I'm chuffed with what I have
>> ...you mean the raspberry pi xbmc

That's the one.   A clear case, huh?   Nice.    : )

>> ...now you can buy them complete with...

well, that's no fun.    ; )
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