Enterprise wireless stable riable device

I haveing 2 issues.

1) my wireless router is always dropping up and down. It is stable at times but it's matter of time before it drops completely. Then it's up in 1 to 5 mins depending.

I was thinking was comcast but the servers and pcs on wires LAN are up.

I have ASUS wireless router and netgear wireless router they not old about 1 year to maybe 2 years they b/g/n. Not AC but some devices would be able use it anyway.

Wireless devices: 4 laptops, 2 iPhones, 1 android tablet and 2 iPads.

I need a strong signal reliable stable device enterprise level is fine instead of using best buy items?

2) which I put out a seperate post on here and spice works is I have business class comcast with (( 16 ip's ))

Small company but growing.  

Firewall with wan can handle multiple IP's

Setup is this comcast router in pass thru mode so it just raw delivering internet traffic to the old firewall.  A shamed to aha was using Microsoft ISA 2006 up to 2 years ago it failed then just made cable to one gigabit switch called "external" which was connect to the where the servers which have 2 NIC's I hook one cable to the external and assign it the static external IP address and then a cable from the external switch would go the wireless router to the 24 port switch and give access to the internal LAN for all wired devices plus the wireless giving access to the wireless devices.

I bought a temp firewall. Netgear profsafe 8 port VPN firewall fvs318g to put some security here where now it's Comcast to external wireless switch ( because it can not NAT to NAT to that many ips ) so still have an external cable coming from comcast router to external switch to each of the 5 servers directly using Microsoft firewall on. Which is not secure. And netgear is defending the LAN.

cable now from comcast to external switch to Netgear profsafe 8 port VPN firewall fvs318 then to 24 port switch which is internal LAN of 6 pcs and then cable to wireless router.

Thought pressure of the wireless would make it more reliable not using as sole router anymore but no up and down still.

So looking at an enterprise firewall.

Told not to buy one to use pfsense etc was looking at watch guard and Cisco kinda sonicwall


Monitoring which I need. I need to know what is going on I have used fluke to Orion as external software monitoring but like a firewall the provided it?

I may need to split this question up!

But do think a wireless and firewall in one would be good idea. Thoughts appreciated on that.  

So want a wireless device that is powerful and not just home use type.

And looking at firewalls. Enterprise, monitoring, can handle 16 ips. Traffic here is not super heavy but want a bit of concurrent conntions and VPN not so much maybe 2 people servers get remoted into using Microsoft RDP.

Lot info I know but I need help plus. And treat my as 3 year and telling me certain things even though I might already understand it.

Thanks, Clint
Clint JonesAsked:
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Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
no worries and thank you for your help
I have NEVER had a wireless device that didn't need resetting, with ONE exception: CISCO.  These wireless devices will cost you more that twice as much as a consumer level one, but they are WORTH it.

I'm partial to sonicwall brand firewalls.  They have several different models to fit your network size, and excellent features (including those you mentioned above).
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
Okay - a couple of items

If your wireless access point is sitting on that baker's rack, I am not entirely surprised you're experiencing disconnects and other issues.

For the best price and functionality, you may want to consider Meraki as a solution for both your wireless and your firewall.

Another possibility would be the outsourced firewall and wireless solutions from Silversky.

Wireless APs generally radiate the signal out in all directions.  It should be close to the ceiling and centrally located.  I would recommend a Cisco 3600 or 3700 series WAP.  If that is out of your price range, a 1242 or similar model would suffice, but it should be ceiling-mounted.  It can be powered using a PoE injector, which can be purchased inexpensively via Newegg or Tiger Direct or similar online merchant.

For a firewall, I would recommend a SonicWall TZ210 or a Cisco ASA 5515.  These firewalls both exceed your current and planned needs.  You should have someone who knows what they're doing configure them for you - do not try to do this on your own unless you have a firm understanding of IP protocols, access control lists, NAT, and PAT.

As far as enterprise monitoring, I would honestly recommend you outsource this function.  You're not an expert, you don't need to be an expert, and it does not further the profitability of your company to become an expert.

This is true, actually, for all of your infrastructure.  If you're not a technology provider, is it truly in your company's best interest for you to spend any time fiddling with servers, the network, or any other non-strategic, interruptive, complex work?  If the answer is no, look for well-established outsourcing organizations, preferably with expertise in supporting customers in your market space.
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Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
Real quick and still reading your post about the bakers rack I have on a wall in middle of the location and placed other areas away from metal to radiating type emissions still no go. It goes up and down than it should.

I understand there is no perfect product but this it down wait 10 mins and were back

If log into the router by browser and click on on devices or something else by navigating it - it's up in 1 minute
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
I have very firm grasp of NAT, PAT, Subnetting, IP protocol, routing, ip tables for those type of firewalls.  I have a wide range of knowledge.

The economy went bad and I had the money not to worry so went back to school because I want to got a second degree in microbiology and the went to Vanderbilt and got my masters. But enjoy IT was kinda wasting time doing something for myself after years of IT

I research largely and stay current but was out of the loop for awhile and you are smart than me on what is new the best choice.

Thank very much educating me. Was just give you some background.

Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
but want to know the best solutions as technology changes rapidly was it has never done more than now than in our history,

So want to best solution and need help thank you... Clint
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
We are technology provider. I am asking in way so I can be more educated on things I know because with firewalls and best wireless Im looking for second options - I am not being arrogant as there is no one who knows all things but do not want to outsource anything because there are security concerns.

If the government not that we are doing anything illegal but I am expert at

HIPPA, accounting firms and law offices.  If outsource they can go to the outsource provider and take info they choose because the outsource provider will comply no with me they can not come in house and do anything with a reason and court order. I know the law well so out sourcing is not an option...
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
Today, in my not-so-humble opinion, Cisco has the best to offer in the way of WAPs.
For greatest flexibility, I would recommend a Cisco 5515X firewall, but that may exceed your budget.

If I didn't want to own or manage the hardware, I would select Meraki.
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
what think the best wireless router.

I am an ex naval air traffic controller the emissions from the airport which I am 3 miles from can cause issues. I am expert on.  What wireless stong device not be crazy budget better than best buy would recommend and thank you. You are helping alot
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
I would see if you can find a Cisco AP AIR-1261N-A-K9 - do NOT get the LAP version of this AP as you do not have a wireless controller.  They currently sell for about $400 to $700.

You will also need

* 6 antenna - 3 X AIR-ANT2422DW-R and 3 X AIR-ANT5135DW-R - these are about $10 each
* a Power-over-Ethernet injector - AIR-PWRINJ4 - about $100
* a power supply - AIR-PWR-B - about $30
Craig BeckCommented:
Meraki is a great idea, but...
I would see if you can find a Cisco AP AIR-1261N-A-K9
6 antenna - 3 X AIR-ANT2422DW-R and 3 X AIR-ANT5135DW-R
I think you mean a AIR-1262 if you're suggesting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz antennas?

Also, purchasing a radio in the correct regulatory domain is important.  The AIR-126xN-A is for use in the North America (FCC) region, while the AIR-126xN-E AP is for European (ETSI) use.  If you use a North American AP in Europe you will be 2 channels short; 12 and 13 aren't available for use in FCC regions.

Putting that aside though, I'd go with the 2600 (AIR-SAP2602E-x-K9) or even the 1600 instead of the 1260.  It's a newer radio and supports dual-band 802.11n via the same antennas.  There is a connectorized and integrated-antenna version.  Further to that it's also going to be supported for longer and will be compatible with newer versions of AireOS in the future, should you choose to buy a WLC.

As for emissions from the airport... 5GHz Wifi MUST use DFS, so not much you can do about radar, etc, but you should be ok.  2.4GHz can use any manual channel you wish so you may be able to avoid anything interfering with you on that band, although both frequencies are license-free so you could be prone to interference from anyone else's kit, as well as non-802.11 sources such as microwaves, bluetooth, etc.
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
Why we discussing Europe standards - which I understand when I'm in the US and in Tennessee    None of it applies
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
I can shield the emissions from the airport with a strong and smarter is signal other than a cheap 100.00 best buy wireless.
Craig BeckCommented:
I'm sorry, I don't recall seeing you mention your actual location anywhere in the OP, or in any other post within this thread.

I mentioned the regulatory domain in order to raise the issue of the importance of purchasing the correct AP based on the region in which it will be used.  I was intended to be considered useful based on this lack of geographical information which you have now clarified beyond any reasonable doubt.

I apologise for not picking-up on the fact that you mentioned Comcast in the OP.  One must remember to also check the author's Bio when answering questions.
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
I was late responding du personal matters and want aware the points to the people who deserve it.
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
I am objecting to "objecting" the awards to the 2 people who have helped me.

WalkaboutTigger and craigbeck. Please award them I am the one who took too long not them.

Clint S. Jones
Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
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Thank you both of educating me and dealing with my lack up to date information.  My best Pro (as I have many Cons) is research and teaching myself.  So have done  lots of research since we talked last and again thank you.  Clint

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Clint JonesAuthor Commented:
Thank you both of educating me and dealing with my lack up to date information.  My best Pro (as I have many Cons) is research and teaching myself.  So have done  lots of research since we talked last and again thank you.  Clint
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