xp mode in win.7 64 pro

i have two brand new systems with win 7 pro 64 bit loaded, but BOTH fail when trying to install xp mode on them , I get an error "could not complete" please try again...I have tried 4 times...what gives?
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gstevederbyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ok, that patch fixed the prob. and let the install finally complete..so it's the amd bulldozer cpu's , these were the dual core AMD A-4 5300 that was stopping the xp mode from installing...the patch is at:


and is called: Windows6.1-KB2519949-x64
Do you have vpc installed ?


If not try installing that then reattempt the xp mode install.
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
i think i may have figured it out...there is chatter on the net that the amd bulldozer cpus have a known prob. and a patch..i am installing the patch and trying again...will post if that fixes..
gstevederbyAuthor Commented:
found answer before any one else provided it..
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