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Hi Experts,
I have seen a lot of traffic in our network which belongs to ads.
So I have tested an ads blocker GHOSTERY.

Now I want to deploy this plugin to all clients.
Can you show me how to do this ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAsked:
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There sure is. Did you inform yourself about chrome extension deployment? Please do this and come back with questions afterwards. Same for firefox. shows it
And it can also be done via the chrome administrative template, you should use it.
Make a 'standard' image for platform. Revise image with plugin. Test. Deploy revised image.

Note that this would essentially overwrite a novice's D/L from wares that track activity, provide cutesy enhancements to their display, provide them with game cheats, speed and cleanup tools, and that provide a more prompt test/fix of their platform for malware that that even MS and A/V are either unaware of or have yet to fix, etc.

Note that where this product can be applicable to variety of browsers, this method (imaging) remains stable were choice of browser to change.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok , for my new image it is a good idea to put it in.
But afterwards, is there a way to deploy it or install it manually, not through the browser ?
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What are we talking about, please link the software.
If it's this then please tell us for what browser.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
yes it is this software plugin.
I need to deploy it for Firefox and Chrome.
Is there a way to do this ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
all plugins I want to use are already predefined and known plugins.
Great. So it seems you haven't understood that these links were actual recommendations, real howtos.
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