Visual C++ 10.0 Runtime Error during Paragon 2014 installation


I get this error during the Paragon 2014 free installation.

Paragon Error
But Visual C++ 10.0 Runtime is already installed.

Software version Info
Any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance
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*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerAsked:
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*** Hopeleonie ***Connect With a Mentor IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Clicking the UAC prompt was not enough. Had to run it as an Administrator.
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
you could always download and install the prerequisites from Microsoft Download

VS2010 X86 Download
VS2010SP1 X64 Download
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks David!
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