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This is something totally new to me. I have been tasked with embedding a video (about 3 Gigs) in a web page so it will play but not allow the video to be downloaded.

I don't even know where to begin and would really appreciate some help
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Not possible. You can make difficult but not impossible. If your web browser can access it so can any other software.

What you can do is use a session based approach.

You create a random key (like a GUID) which you save in a database with a timestamp.

You then create a script that takes this GUID as an input.

Instead of sending the URL to the media to the browser you send a link to the script with the GUID as a parameter.

When the script is called the GUID is checked for two things

1. Against the create time to see if it has expired - you can manage how long you want the link to be active for.
2. Against a cookie put on the workstation when the URL was created - to ensure the same browser that initially displayed the link is the one that is downloading it.

You can find more info here
And here


Thanks! The information you gave me is a big help
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You are welcome - thanks for the points.

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