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How do Parmeter Strings work in Crystal Reports?

I have a report that I need to update but I am not sure how the parameters work. When I hoover over the parameter it has string behind the name.
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Mike McCracken

What do you mean how do they work?

Are you updating the parameters?
If not you should be able to simply update the report then run as usual

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This report has 9 parameters and I only need 2 the site name and the date. The date can have a range. See below this is how it looks. I cannot find where the "Site Name, Date & to" is coming in at.

Site Name:004 Beverly Hills Acad.  Date range: 20/05/14 to 02/11/14.
It might be easiest if you could post the report (.RPT) file.

 It's possible that you're looking at a text field that had the parameters added to it, so the one report field is actually composed of different parts, like "Site Name:", then one parameter, then "Date range:", then the minimum value from the date parameter, and so on.

 What are you trying to change?  Are you actually trying to change a parameter in some way (eg. to a different data type), or are you trying to change something in that line that you posted (eg. change "Site Name:" to "Site:"), or something else?

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Mike McCracken

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