Good sources for setting up a windows 2012 R2 template for vmware deployment

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Hi all,

I am looking for some good sources on the web that give detailed steps for setting up a Windows 2012 R2 template and preparing it for deployment in a vsphere environment. Any good suggestions and/or links? We are currently migrating over to 5.5 from 5.0, but we would like to stay with VM hardware 8 for awhile. Isn't it true that VM hardware 10 will force you to use the web client?
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You can only Edit VMs virtual hardware version 10 using the VMware vSphere Web Client.

This is because the VMware vSphere Client (C#) is now longer being developed so VMware tell us, so no new features are available in the VMware vSphere Client (C#).

So, if you create or upgrade to v10, you will need to use VMware vSphere Web Client.

Users have also found, v10 VMs can be edited by using VMware Workstatoon 10!

Any VM Template is usually defined by YOUR ORGANISATION requirements.

Do you not have a Standard Baseline Doc for how you deploy

Windows OS? currently, in the physical realm?

How do you or your team maintain standards? when deploying a new server OS?

Physical and Virtual deployments should be the same, and your Golden Master template for 5.0 will be valid for 5.5.

e.g. do you have a standard build, and size of the OS disk?
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C# client will allow to edit hardware 9, though it will not allow to set virtual hardware past 8, you must set 9 using web client (whew)


Hi Andrew. We do currently have a standard we follow and a rock solid golden copy of 2008 R2 we deploy from. But I was curious if there were any gotchas or things to keep in mind creating our golden copy for 2012 R2? The workstation 10 tidbit is interesting.
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No gotchas, that I'm aware of use the VMXNET3 interface, changed after installation, install VMware Tools, ensure the size of disk is adequate for 2012 R2, and any other changes you usually do to your 2008 R2 builds.

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