Formatting Hard Drive with Unattended.xml File

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I have a Windows Deployment Server setup on a Windows 2003 server.  I've got the images all set and ready to go.  But I'm having a problem with the unattended.xml file.  

The automated process goes just fine up until it gets to the hard drive configuration.  I've found some directions online for setting up the hard drives in the unattended file but they have not worked for me--the process still stops and waits for the user to enter HD info and choose a partition to install on.

This is just a guess, but I think maybe this is because the hard drives have already been previously used. That is, they alrady have partitions setup from the previous OS installation.  However, I do have "WillWipeHD" set to Yes, so I'm not sure of the reason.

Can anyone tell me how to have the Unattended.xml file automatically wipe the hard drive, and then create one partition using the full space on the hard drive?
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Here's a sample of a Client unattend file which creates a 200 MB system partition, and then another partition for the rest of the drive where the OS will be installed (this is the default for how a Win7 install would look).  You should find it very easy to modify if you don't want the system partition created.


Thanks so much.

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