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Excel Macro - Return looks up a column to find lower number.

Spreadsheet has "Level"  in column A, "Part #" in column B, in column C is "Next Level Part #" and is what I need to populate.

Usually there is a level 1, that is the highest and it will have in the next rows, all of it's level 2 parts and some level 3's and 4's.   Essentially I need a column that shows the next level up the part number in that row.  So if it is a level 4 part, I need the level 3 part to be populated in the "Next Level Part #" row.   So essentially I need it to look at the level of the row it is in, then look above to the next lower number, and return the "Part #" of that row.    

Hope someone can help.  I used to do this stuff, but have not even looked at Excel in 5 years.  (I know luck me, right).   But I have forgotten most of what I used to know.  It is not like riding a bike.
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I am not sure how to call a custom function?  I type in =NextLevelPartNumber (range?).  Never mind, I got it, thanks.
Thank you so much!  Great solution.