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Video fail to load and play

From our Intranet site, I embedded a video clip but it fail to load and play.  Question, the video is located at a video server with http://.....  Our site is Intranet where this is embedded.  Does this stop the video from playing because the video url is not https?  
Thank you.
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Please kindly check your security settings in your browser.
Under Seurity tab, select local intranet and put the slider all the way down to low.

Did this solve the problem?
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How do I set the security setting in Firefox for this?  I see this for IE but does Firefox has this option?  Thank you.
Try first with IE if it works.
Using Firefox it can be several reasons why this is not working.

Look also here if you meet the condition:

Are you using Active-x on these pages?
Then there are several active-x plugins available for firefox. one of these may enable you to use these pages. just be aware that active-x support is a security risk.
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I forgot to mention this video clip is a quicktime video, .mov
Could this be the reason why?  Do I still need to eanble the ActiveX in FF?  I can temporary install add-on to see if that would solve the problem.  Which ActiveX Plugin do you recommend for FF?
Thank you.
Check if you have Quicktime installed here by playing the video:

If not install from here:

Dit it work in IE ?
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This is in SP13 and I can't get get youtube embeded code to play here.