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I have a user that transferred from company A that still needs to use his existing laptop.  His laptop is still joined to company A's domain and he still needs to access its Exchange server.  I have added his new email account from company B to his existing Outlook 2010 profile.  He can receive and send email with company A and company B within the same Outlook profile.

When he tries to Plan a Meeting in Outlook he can't see the schedules of the users at company B but he still see the schedules of the users at company A.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

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Additional Info: Company B also uses Exchange 2010 and the user's OWA for company B does show free/busy schedules for users at company B
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It may be based on the initial Exchange account for the profile. Try creating a second profile in Outlook just for Company B and see if the Free/Busy Schedule works under a separate profile. Just to aide the process of elimination.

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